Saturday, August 27, 2011

Pioneer Woman Cooks on The Food Network today

Sending all good thoughts and prayers for friends on the East Coast where hurricane Irene is starting to batter homes and beaches. Take good care of yourselves and your families.

Today is the day Pioneer Woman's first show on the Food Network airs. She has published one cookbook and has another that will be coming out soon. I have our tivo set up so I can finish getting the house ready for my daughter and her friend who are coming up from Austin to visit.

There are so many talented bloggers who are witty, funny, erudite, and just plain smart. I salute you all. You make my time on the internet so much fun.


  1. Thoughts of Hurricane Irene has been in my thoughts as only three months ago I was in a few of those places, somehow I feel very closed to those people.


  2. I would imagine you would feel very close to those people.

  3. I bet my best friend who is food editor of the Baxter Bulletin is watching Pioneer Woman. She watches all those cooking programs.

  4. PW has had such fantastic success over the past few years with everything she has done. It is a pleasure to read her blog and see what is happening now.

  5. I missed the first show, but I'll be watching on Sat. I love her blog.Thanks for the reminder..Balisha