Thursday, September 8, 2011

How Cool is That

The burning sun has modified its intense heat for the past few days and it was so nice I just said No to spending time posting on this blog. We got out and enjoyed the dry cool temperatures of the days and in the spirit of the past few cool days I'll stick with this same vein of relaxation. It is starting to warm back up again, half of Texas has burned up and there is no rain in sight for the next week. So, if you are a little down about remembering 9/11, need something to take your thoughts off of where and when you might get another job, or anything that's got ya down here is a sweet little video that made me smile today.


  1. Hi Amber, It is always so good to hear from you. That Ellen is one funny person. I always enjoy her show. Thank you for stopping by to see me. I think about you a lot and especially about Texas and how dry it is for you all. I pray things get better for you. Thank you for your wonderful words on my blog. You are such a great friend. Sounds like you have been doing some cooking yourself! Have a great weekend. Love and hugs to you always.

  2. Congratulations on your successes lately and keep on doing well!

  3. Yes 9/11 is in my mind one reason for the awful fate of the Twin Towers in 2001 and it's also the anniversary of my husband's passing in 1998.
    I saw ground zero whilst in the US back in May and it was a very humbling experience.
    I enjoyed your blog as always and lovely to hear from you.

  4. How wonderful you are getting a temp break at last. Now if those darn fires would just get under control.
    Hope the breaks keep piling up.

  5. Hi Amber, I tried to get your email address to answer your comment the other day and have been unsuccessful so I just decided to post here OK ??
    I didn't need the MRI, the Doctor is very pleased with how my health is improving - I have to take a different pill and keep up the good work with losing weight yayyyy ! I really was dreading the MRI... am a bit claustrophobic. What did you mean about ' in the USA they are open '??? I wish ours were!

  6. Hi again Amber,

    Sorry I had never heard of the open MRI the only ones known here are the ones which look like a tunnel into which your whole body is slid and your face when inside is only a couple of inches away from the tunnel... I have asked and there don't appear to have them available here...

    My sister in law's daughter had an MRI recently and she ended up having to get a sedative in order for them to get her into the machine ' she's very claustrophobic ... The only thing apart from giving a sedative was that she was put in feet first. This meant that her head would be inside the tunnel for less time .. as the machine then started at her feet and worked along to her head .. her head went and therefore came out first ...