Tuesday, September 13, 2011


*sizzle* Today's high was 107F. Happy Fall. One hundred and seven degrees Fahrenheit...today, September 13th. There is hope of a cool front tomorrow evening. Please, Lord...and I still haven't found the rain stick, either.

*sizzle2* Our governor, Rick Perry, did mandate that 12 year old girls have the Gardisil vaccine against HPV, but it is not a law that girls get the drug here. Saner heads prevailed about that one. Some girls got the vaccine before parents got upset and called a halt to the nonsense. Then it all went away, until the other night when Michelle Bachmann got ahold of it again. At least that is what I thought. In my opinion that is one immunization that has not proven itself and should not be used indiscriminately.

I do think it is essential the vaccines that have been around for a very long time should be given to children. Whooping cough is making a comeback and it is a disease that had been eradicated in the US until recently. When I was growing up polio was still a real scary disease. I have a friend who was stricken with the disease and has begun to have post-polio syndrome. When the polio vaccine came out I was in the third grade. My mother was so conflicted about whether or not I should be vaccinated, because she, too, had had a mild case of it. Later when the Salk vaccine was being given to adults when I was older and on my own, I got my sugar cube with the vaccine on it. By the way, I got a flu shot yesterday. Have you gotten yours yet?


  1. That's some temperature, It's been warm here at night but not that warm.

    Take care.

  2. I too remember the polio scare and how quickly we jumped on the vaccine. I don't think there was the fear attached to vaccines as there is today.