Friday, September 30, 2011

What a Great Idea

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Last night on the NBC nightly news there was a story about a food bank that requires the people who use it to step up and give, as well as, take. The store has clothing and shoes along with fresh and canned food. Everything in the store is free, but the patrons are required to pay a $50 yearly fee and to donate time working in the warehouse, and attend a finance class to teach them to manage their money in a productive way. The man who started the program lost all of his money when he was 40 after years of alcohol abuse. He wants to help others learn what it took him a long time to figure out. What a great idea.


  1. Wonderful idea,especially the man hours.

  2. Giving back as well as receiving should create a better feeling of the food recipient, that at least they are helping where in a positive manner.