Sunday, October 9, 2011

It's Raining It's Pouring...

Hello heavy rain!  Overnight we got 4+ inches of cold rain.  Our pool is nearly running over and hubby just got back from checking the overflow tube.  He said there is a lot of water pooled around the tube so it is not draining like it used to do. 

It rained so much last night the baseball playoffs were postponed.  They resumed play around midnight and the score remained the same as it was before the rain delay: 3 to 2. The Texas Rangers won the first game against Detroit.  It is up in the air if they play the second game today.  Unbelievable!  We have been in the middle of the most severe droughts ever and now it is pouring rain in time for the baseball playoffs.  Go figure.

This morning there was a small geyser of water coming from the street and running toward our neighbor's house.  My husband called the water department and they are here now repairing.  The guys from the water department had a bullhorn and said we would have low water pressure for 4 to 6 hours.

My cousin and I were planning to go to lunch and then shopping for plants today, but I'm thinking  it isn't going to happen.  We are getting rain!, so all outdoor activities need to stop, at least for a while.  A nap curled up on the sofa with something snuggy sounds too good to be true, and I can do that since a shower would take forever at this time!

I can't believe this!  Rain and cool weather at the same time!  Oh yes, it is raining in Austin for the first time in a year and they have flash flood warnings.  How about that!

When it rains a LOT like this is promised to do, we say God got all our prayers at once.  I don't know if that is true, but whatever caused this lovely rain: Thank you!


  1. Wonderful that Texas is finally getting some of the wet stuff.
    God must not be a baseball fan.
    I lost a bit of interest in the Rangers when they let one of my favorite former Marlins go--Matt Treanor. I really liked him and thought he might finally get a ring. Awwww.

  2. I heard Texas would be getting an abundance of rain. I hope it breaks the drought, at least for awhile. My hometown's source of water needs replenishing. The Lake is over half empty, so this is good although no one has e-mailed be it is raining in Brownwood. The map looks like it is.

  3. It stopped raining last night, but we got a total of 4.85" of rain at my house. That should hold us for a little while.