Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fall wardrobe selections

I love this time of year.  The temperatures are cooling down and people have no idea how to dress.  I've seen some really bizarre outfits in the past few weeks.  Ladies with shorts and a really heavy cardigan that comes down to their knees or a heavy coat is not an infrequent sight these days.  It is like some of the younger girls just want to wear their new fall coats.  Guys sort of grin and bear it when they go out in clothing that was appropriate in August when it was 105F and now with the north wind blowing and the temp in the 50s they sort of look as if they are gritting their teeth and hoping they can make it to the car quickly.  However, they are the ones who come out looking like fashionistos when it warms up to 80 something and ladies are looking for places to ditch the goose down jackets.

The clothing confusion should clear up soon when the temperatures settle in to something approaching normal.  Right now we are on the temperature roller coaster.  This afternoon it was 78ish and then a really strong cold front came in it dropped to 48F with a 40mph wind making the wind chill to feel like 40 degrees.  I can hear the wind whistling around the front door!  The weather people are predicting a frost and maybe a freeze for tomorrow night.  Heaven knows what folks will wear to school and work in the morning.  God love 'em.

Do you have a particular outfit combo that just sends you into giggles or just causes you to smile tolerantly?  For me it is the shorts and long sweaters.


  1. This really is a confusing time. I tend to dress in layers.
    I always get tickled at the husband and wife duos. Husband in shirt sleeves, oblivious to chill, and wife bundled up. Men and women are not only from Mars and Venus but were given vastly different thermosdats.

  2. That is so true, but I got the hot gene. My poor hubby gets chilled easily. He has hypothyroism and takes the medication, but it didn't help with that part.

    Hope you are feeling a little better.