Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Stand Back Y'all...He's All Our's Here In Texas

Oh mercy!  Rick what were you thinking?  Oh weren't or couldn't is more like it.  It is ok...I can't remember all those silly facts either...but then I'm not running for public office.

Thanks to WFAA news for getting this video out so quickly.


  1. That is what happens when you cram for a test. If this keeps up, Obama will win next year by default.

  2. My mother is buried in Texas along with my stepfather. My brother lives there to this day and he seems to think this man is a nice guy. lol

    From what little I have seen, I wouldn't want him handing out medicine at a clinic for Alzheimer patients.

  3. Patti,
    That is stuff he should just know. He is one of ex-President Bush's good buddies, ya know. Birds of...well, you know.

    Don't get me started on poor ole Rick. I could go on for a long time and it ain't all nice. He is a guy who has read some books and is really proud of himself.

  4. Actually he has handled Texas during the economic recession as well as any state, but he conveniently neglects to add there is still huge unemployment, etc. etc. etc. And of course there is the narcotic war and illegal immigrants...maybe. Texas borders have always been porous. I thought that was why we had Texas Rangers. OH well...he ain't gonna make it anyway...nor is Cain, unless we are all lunatics.I think the real opposition to Obama is still hidden and if a good candidate is available I would not run, because statistics are against anyone this time around.