Monday, November 14, 2011

Occupy Dallas' Occupation May Be On The Skids

I really don't know what to say about these protesters. They aren't very articulate in their desire to exercise their freedom of speech. It is more like a massive whine and they don't really know what to say. They want other people's money and the right to camp on city property. I just did a google search for what their goals are, but could find nothing concrete.  Even a reporter for NPR had little luck figuring out their goals when he tried to interview them at their "anarchy table".

Douglas, this morning's spokesman, was no more articulate at noon than he was this morning when the TV station interviewed him. There was another interview later when I'd have thought he would be more wide awake. The other protesters I've seen haven't had much to say for themselves, either. I feel embarrassed for them really.


  1. I do believe this flicker will burn out soon.

  2. We'll see, Patti. Tonight they were saying they would just move on to another city. What a bunch of freeloaders. They had even put up strings of Christmas lights around their tents. One has to wonder from where the electricity flows and who is footing that bill.

  3. I am more bewildered by this movement, if indeed it is a movement, than the Tea Party.

    Best I can tell they are protesting the disgraceful salaries and commissions of those who control the purse strings of the meager salaries the rest of us get. They would be better off just looking for job.

    Since the beginning of time there have been the HAVEs and HAVE NOTs in society which essentially creates caste systems of a sort. It would be better they look for jobs or some way to make their own fortune, no matter how meager. They might just happen on an idea that would juggernaut them into the positions they are protesting.

  4. Amen NW1,
    It bothers me that Mobile made 50 gazillion dollars last year, but it is my guess is they aren't going to give any of it to me, or lower the price of their gasoline.

  5. The 1% keeps the cash. The Middle Class is gone. Wall Street profits from the cash (our cash) deposited by the 1% group. We search for strings to pull and our representatives in government play like they are pulling them but they are in that 1%. Do you know how much your congressman makes each year? And what do you make? Good questions.

  6. The 1% will never let go of their cash...ever, and they will take ours, too. It would work really well to have the middle class stay and carry the burden for everyone. It has worked out well since the '50s when men returned from WWII.

    Congressmen make ~$174,000 per year according to this website.

    The best google match is here on that website:

    In a complex system of calculations, administered by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, congressional pay rates also affect the salaries for federal judges and other senior government executives.