Monday, January 2, 2012

The First Ladies Gain The Respect of Veterans Groups

I was so upset when NASCAR fans booed our First Lady at the race in Florida when she and Dr. Jill Biden were there to bring about more public awareness of the difficulties faced by our veterans and their families.  It was incredible to me they would be so rude and I wondered what would have happened if someone had publicly booed Nancy Regan. Anyway, today there was an article from US News about how our veterans think Mrs. Obama is the best first lady ever.  They feel she is sincere and she and her colleague, Dr. Jill Biden, have formed an alliance with companies to hire returning veterans called Joining Forces.  Veterans groups say they have never had such backing from the White House, ever. 

You can read about their work on behalf of the military families here.  I hope those individuals who thought it their best behavior to publicly harass Mrs. Obama and Dr. Biden, read about their work and feel ashamed.  It probably won't happen because they are busy reading and passing on the hateful emails that sometimes come to my inbox from people I consider friends and who I thought were kind and polite people.  It is shameful the "overly righteous right" takes part in half truths and outright lies about our country's leaders.  At least it seems that way from the emails that have come to my inbox.


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  2. I wanted to let you know that I agree with you about your views on our First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Biden. I had not heard about the incident.
    There are several bloggers that do get political on their blogs and post photo's of their choice of Republican candidate on their sidebars, etc. I don't do that. Nor do I get religious.
    However, that Americans would treat their First Lady in such a manner is so sad. We are no longer united as a country and let the majority rule. Instead they do everything they can to try and see that the man that holds such an honorable office is continually opposed in every way and do all they can to throw boulders in his path. It would not matter if President Obama did exactly what the opposing side wanted...they would still behave the same.
    I don't even think they have the humility to feel embarrassed. It is difficult to watch the news. What is this hatred we face in this country? Can religion cause such havoc?
    Reading history, yes, I guess it can. I thought we had become more civilized then that. I guess there is not really all that much belief in our American rights and if you are not a "Christian" in exactly the same way they are the enemy. Sad. Really sad.
    How on earth does it serve them to behave in so disrespectful a way. It cannot be a pleasant way to live each day.

    It's odd. People I truly like and seem so sweet and can turn into people I don't know at all.

    I just stick to decor and the simplist things I can. Even then it got me into trouble with someone who called me a liar when I wrote a little story about my early marriage. Someone who has never met me and does not know me.
    It can be very scary to have someone attack you that does not even know you personally.
    I guess it is true that we never really know ANYONE.
    Just know that many agree with you..if that helps.

  3. Thank you for your comment. It means a lot to know I'm not the only "candle in the dark".

  4. I left Facebook because people who I thought I knew, well, I didn't. I think we all have different opinions on things, but to be mean and disrespectful is just too much. Some of the things people post on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc. are really not meant for public consumption!

    Also, I can smell anything, anywhere (in reference to the fish counters!). It has nothing to do with cleanliness and everything to do with my sensitivity to animal smells. Some people would argue that the smell is the selling point. I argue conversely!
    It makes my husband so mad that I can't eat anything if I smell bacon or fish (and not fishy nasty fish smell, but like fresh fish). It is really so revolting to me and causes me to flake out of so many social engagements because I just can't handle myself!

  5. Lora,
    Are you vegan? I really can't remember. I do not like to smell raw meat or fish or chicken, but I guess it has been going on for so long that it is just part of life.

  6. I don't know how that person on top could take out their own post. I didn't take it off. Weird!