Wednesday, January 18, 2012

More Exceptional Rudeness and Citing Works

Anthony Bourdain, a globe trotting chef, must be taking lessons in manners from Kanye West.  Kanye West ,you remember,  the guy who came on stage to interrupt Taylor Swift's award speech, and was just mean to a sweet young woman. Well, anyway Paula Deen has announced she has type 2 diabetes and will make commercials for the drug company. Chef Bourdain made some hateful tweets about the whole thing.  Chalk this up to yet another rude human making rude remarks.  Paula Deen knows her recipes aren't diet food and all, but they are southern cooking.  And, I think it is mean spirited to be rude to her about having diabetes.  I don't know, but it seems cruel to make fun of people who are handicapped or different in some way.  I'd never make fun of Chef Bourdain about his self admitted past drug abuse.  It just doesn't seem right...or a helpful thing to do to make fun of his problems.

I had diabetes for a while when my doctors had me on an enormous amount of predisone.  Checking my sugar levels and having to use insulin was not a fun time.  When I was able to discontinue the prednisone my levels returned to normal.  Thank goodness! Diabetes is a wretched disease and causes dreadful things to happen to eyes and feet for instance.

Oh yes, someone commented to me about the links I put in my posts.  I do that to let you all know where I got the information about  whatever I'm talking about since my information mostly comes from the news or some source outside of my little world.  I try to find very safe and authoritative sites to either provide further information, or to let you know where I heard about whatever I 'm talking about.  If I write about something that isn't in my little sphere of knowledge, then it has to be noted whose intellectual property is being used.  We learn about that in high school when we write our first term paper and I think that is what the deal is with Wickipedia and the blackout.  It says on this website about Wickipedia going black today:

"But while the move is most definitely a grand stand, will it do anything more than force students to do their homework early – and perhaps even reintroduce printed reference sources to the digital generation?"

If you missed the blackout or just didn't really know what it was about here is a link to The Las Angeles Times for more and understandable information.

SOPA-Stop Online Pirating Act
PIPA-Protect Intellectual Information Act

I hope people do start citing where the heck they get some of the information they post, and it is just the right thing to do.

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