Thursday, March 19, 2009


Oh agh...we have been working in the yard clearing out flowerbeds for the past two days. The fence guys are supposed to return this afternoon to put up the fence. We are going to stain it with redwood stain after they get it up.

Last week we put out over 15 bags of leaves and this week the same or more. I gave up counting sometime yesterday. The deal is we want to get all the junk out of the flowerbeds so we can plant them with the nice new shrubs we bought a couple of weeks ago when they had a really good deal on them at the nursery. I am getting very antsy wishing the fence guys would come on....but I'm pretty sure my hands couldn't plant anything right now. They are very stiff from raking. The flower beds are tidier than they have been in a long time. It is difficult to work and keep house and the yard, too. Now that I'm no longer tied up with the working part we can get everything back into shape again.

The flower beds had gotten so overgrown with the shrubs we found all sorts of plants we had forgotten about. I need to draw up a plan to decide where everything should go. I'd forgotten about some daylillies out there. Expanding that bed would be really nice.

There is a cool front coming in tonight, but it is still very warm out. Probably why the fence guys haven't shown up. Installing fences is is a very hard way to make a living. Maybe the cool front will come in before they get here. That would make it nicer for them.


  1. I have a little while until I can start getting my plants ready and the garden tilled. After all, we still have snow!

  2. Oh, isn't this EXCITING? Sounds like you guys have REALLY done a LOT of work to get ready for this! It's all going to be sO beautiful when it's done and everything is in BLOOM! I can not WAIT to see pictures! (and be sO jealous!)

  3. I have itty-bitty teeny tiny tomatoes and bell peppers in my backyard! I am so excited.

    I hope we're going to get to see a pic of this fence. And all of your new flower gardens.

  4. Quilly...I'm dying of envy over your tomatoes and peppers! Ours don't have any fruit yet. And, yes. there will be lots of pictures of the fence. It is pretty awesome and sort of looks like we might could use it to keep King Kong in the yard.