Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ruby Tuesday


Nellie R. Stevens holly along our back fence. It can be seen better now that we have taken down the old worn out wooden fence that was very pitiful.


My server went down before I could finish this morning.

You can see red geraniums through the greenhouse walls. There is much much more in the greenhouse now. We have planted many seeds into little grow pots. It is so exciting to watch the seedlings grow. The tomatoes have put on their secondary leaves and are starting to really look like tomato plants. Planted some coleus, chives, cilantro, and many others I just can't think of right now. We saved some coffee containers to use for mixing the Miracle Grow in. It is reaching the point where we need to move some plants out, but after being in the upper 80s for the past two weeks, it is going to get cold again tomorrow.

I did bring in some of the red geraniums for Valentine's Day, but didn't get the picture posted. Having the greenhouse has been a real blast. We bought ours for $350 at Harbor Freight, but I've seen practically the exact same thing for $850 recently...not at Harbor Freight.

I don't have a picture yet, but we bought a Meyer lemon tree Sunday to keep in a large pot on the patio. My daughter lives in Galveston and has the trees growing in her yard. On Thanksgiving she just went into the yard and picked some for our dinner. Maybe we will have some this year. There are many small ones on the tree, but it will have to live in the greenhouse during the winter up here in North Central Texas.

Ruby Tuesday is hosted by Mary the Teach over at Work of the Poet. Stop by and sign up on Mr. Linky to play.


  1. Oh those look familiar! There's a whole row of them (or something very similar at least) between my house and my neighbors. It's practically a natural bird feeder (as the condition of my driveway will attest!).

    And I have no idea if there's a "Pink Nails" salon anywhere about... it's not something I'd go looking for, but if I see one I'll be sure to let you know!

  2. I love your greenhouse. I'd have so much with that. We're always talking about setting something up but it never seems to happen.

    Happy RT

  3. I love the first shot and the red/green contrast.

  4. Aren't you lucky to have a greenhouse!
    Such a variety of contents.
    I'd like to take a peak.
    Just this morning a cousin of my husband promised me tomato plants from her greenhouse, for me to cultivate on my terrace in the summer.
    I'm so looking forward to the taste of real tomatoes, not the flawless, but tasteless ones I buy in the supermarket.

    From Felisol

  5. I'm sure your greenhouse contain some wonderful "presents" that you care until they'll be able to live outside and color your life.

    The hedge with red berries, on the first picture is the perfect subject for that winter time, hoping for the Spring to come.

  6. Up North, I am conditioned to think of holly as Christmas only (forgetting, of course that it must grow somewhere warmer than here). But in the wild, those red berries are so good looking!

  7. Good for you for starting seeds already! I plan to do the same in a couple of weeks.

  8. The holly is gorgeous and the picture of the greenhouse turned out very nice, the way the red shows through. Well done

  9. Lovely Ruby flowers, red Geraniums flower and flower. You are almost never out of flowers with Geraniums.
    Happy RT! :)