Monday, March 2, 2009

Coming round again

Sorry I've been away for so long. This past week we have been clearing brush in the backyard in preparation of having a new fence installed. Apparently the fence people don't have anyone, so I relented and helped my dear husband get a lot out and bundled for the trash collectors. We finally found someone to clear one of the beds of shrubs I wanted to replace with evergreens for privacy. The new neighbors on the west side of us are out in their garden much more than the neighbors before them. It is wonderful they are out, but we have become used to our privacy.

After being out so much with the pollen issues that caused some problems and last night I must have had something odd. My fever was up and I was sure it was they other strain of flu going around, but the fever broke last night and I felt better today. I slept most of the day, but felt so much better. There is a reason they call illness a disease. It is dis ease and not ease.

I'll try to make it around to all your blogs tomorrow, but I'm headed for some more sleep right now.


  1. Sleep is good. I hope your feeling 100% fine tomorrow. Don't forget Punny Monday.

  2. hope you feel better.. some days are just like that.. and sleep does wonders!!

    from One Day at a Time/Reflections

  3. Got a cold in Germany, but I knew my time was limited, so just kept going on. Now I am home I just rest and sleep and Hubby thinks I am a tad lazy about switching time zones. Not at all. Just have a fever of 100 to knock the heck out of me!

  4. "a dis ease" neat way to think of it. Get better soon.

  5. Oh glad you're feeling better now. You'll be so happy once all this yard stuff is behind you! When you can just get down to plain ol' gardening!

  6. Hope you are feeling better now..:)