Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring has really sprung everywhere!

Today is when the vernal equinox occured....meaning the center of the sun has moved over the equator. So, the equinox occured at 7:44 AM Central Time today. All you ever wanted to know about the equinoxes and solstices you can find here at the National Geographic website. Hope you guys are feeling all springy and all...even if you have snow on the ground still. Just saw on tv that it is snowing in New York again.

I'll take some pix of the fence and all the stuff we have hauled out of the yard over the past week in a few minutes. It is still sort of darkish here this morning.


  1. This evening it warmed up enough to hint at Spring. We'll see how long that lasts!

  2. I know, has been very warm here, but since Easter is so late I'm thinking ole man winter ain't done with us yet. However, we did go by the stand of mesquite
    trees and I think they had begun to leaf out. If they leaf it is least in Texas.