Sunday, July 19, 2009


Hallelujah!! It rained this afternoon and thundered and all sorts of lightning! It was a humdinger of a good rain. We only got .6", but it was all sorts of lovely! I'm sure it was because my husband accidentally shifted the rain stick the other day. We purchased it from an American Indian in New Mexico...or Colorado...or maybe Arizona...I can't remember, but it is a goodun! I'm sure it was not from the Navajo Indian woman at Canyon De Chelly. As I was walking back to our car there she was behind a very small shrub. I bought some juniper berry necklaces from her, because her ability to be unseen was mind blowing. I would not have made a very good pioneer at all. I'm sure she and her companion got a great laugh about the white woman on the rim of the canyon and how silly she was.

There is a chance for rain all week and I'm sooo happy about it. I'm worn out with this too long string of 100 degree + days we have had lately.


  1. Well congratulations!!! I hope ya get some rain every day this week! It's been awhile for us now too... but we're WAY ABOVE average for rainfall this year. Spring was EVER so good to us! So I guess I can't complain! I would LIKE one good weekly summer storm though - that oughta do it!

  2. We've had non-stormy rain the entire time our company from SC has been here. But no complaints from me. Saves on my water bill for all those new shrubs I planted to replace those lost in the ice storm. Saves on my city water bill!!!

    We set around and talked "family" talk which is probably better than running all over Hell's Half Acre wearing everyone out!

    I'm glad to hear Texas, at least some parts are finally geting relief.

    Prayers of Thanksgiving for Showers of Blessings, certainly in order.

  3. We got a little bit last night. Htown got more though. It was nice, just short lived.