Thursday, December 4, 2008

Here Comes The Sun

Here is a slideshow of the sunrise in Port of the few times I was up before dawn and had a clear view of the sunrise. Gel had posted on about getting pictures of their sunrise yesterday. Gel has a fancy schmancy camera and probably has far better pictures, but my little camera is like the Little Engine that Could. It tries hard and so far I'm learning it pretty well....the photo challenges this summer helped my learning curve.

You will probably need to click on "View Pictures" button, and you will. Here is hoping you enjoy our sunrise. Maybe someday I'll get the hang of the slideshow deal at Photobucket.


  1. What a beautiful sunrise! Wish I had been there to share it.

  2. Lovely! Glad you shared.
    ***Plus, Gel (me) is sharing that the type of camera is not what matters for many shots. It's the talent of the person taking the shots plus the scene. I won awards with an ordinary "run of the mill" camera, including the photo on the post "Colourfalls" and the photo of the iris in my profile.

    "Here Comes the Sun" is the title of my pastel painting done a couple of years ago, based on a series of photographs that all came out out of focus! So, I used my memory, hehe). Keep on sharing these photos!

  3. This is what I should do with MY pics of the sunrise I took at the beach. I don't think I took as many as you did... mine would move up into the sky quite a bit quicker! LOL! These are beautiful!

  4. Wow, those are great pics AS, they really are

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