Tuesday, December 16, 2008

more loss

I just don't have anything humorous to say tonight.

I found out by email yesterday that another of my friends died last Sunday. Bless her heart she had suffered for a long time from cancer. The week before another friend had died from lung cancer. Evelyn's illness was much shorter and even though they made an announcement at the City Council meeting last week, by the time I saw the notice in the paper I'd missed the service. It has been a difficult year with so many friends passing, even though their deaths weren't unexpected it has been a loss and life will be different. Barbara's memorial won't be for several weeks. I guess she was thoughtful of us all even to the end and didn't want to interupt the Christmas season. Even though it is our anniversary tomorrow we may go to the high school get together we attend each month. Barbara attended high school with my husband, but I met her when I was attending the community college and we discovered our mutual "friend" one day while talking between classes.

The knitting group party was very nice. There were a few ladies I'd not met before, and it was good to get to know them. The food was good, the company amiable, and the home warm. However, we decided someone is just going to have to get to Panera's early when we meet there so we can have the big table with the good light from now on.

Just like Texas weather....it started to lightly rain about the time I had to leave and then there was freezing rain later. I had no trouble with the roads last night though. However, it was pretty bad in other areas and they are predicting freezing fog for the whole area tonight. I made it to my doc's office today to get him to prescribe some antibiotics for an ingrown toenail and to refer me to a podiatrist. I go Thursday. By then the weather will be warm again.


  1. Today your rabbit trails were made by Ricochet Rabbit! Why did going to the Christmas gathering make you all want a bigger table somewhere else? And, what did the weather have to do with you finally getting to the doctors to see about your toe?

    I had an infected ingrown toenail once. They are nasty painful. Get it fixed!

  2. I'm saddened to hear that friends have died. ---- I agree w/ Quilly, please let a dr. see your toe. I've had one more than once because my toenails are genetically predisposed to them. Take care, sweetie and
    Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby. Ours is also this month.

  3. I'm sorry sweetie. I know how hard it is to lose a friend. Cancer is a terrible thief. Robbing us of so many wonderful people!
    I'm sending hugs to you this night.

  4. I am so sorry to hear about your friends. We can't help but be depressed when we lose someone we love and care about. I have been negligent on my blogging, too, but trying to get ready for Christmas. Hope your toe gets better and things start to look up soon. We are just getting over an ice storm from Monday and today we have the fog, too.

  5. FREEZING FOG??? Never heard of that!

    Silly Quilly! I'm right on top of all your trails! Of course you need the BIGGER table with the good light at Panera's -- how can you sit and chat and knit if you can't all fit at ONE table in the dark?

    Weather has nothing to do with toes - I'm just sayin! And so were you!

    I am sorry you've lost yet another friend. The last seems like TWO years have been really hard on yours and Hubby's friends. It's horrible, but I couldn't help thinking - it's a good thing you've hooked up with this knitting group... you need to make some new friends.