Friday, December 19, 2008


Yesterday I had surgery on my toe and hopefully it will be in good shape by Christmas day. Good thing I have a good assortment of Crocs to wear over the next week or so. I have an appointment to go back for check up exam on the 29th. My doc had given me some heavy duty antibiotics so I got a head start on that part. We spent the afternoon watching movies and resting up for the holidays. I finally got to see "Wally-E" and then last night we watched "Get Smart". Steve Carrell was as funny as Don Adams was in the original. We used to watch that show every week and both of us laughed like crazy last night.

Quilly, it might have been a rabbit trail, but my mind works like that a lot, especially when I'm sick or hurting. The knitting group needs the large table, because we like to sit together to talk and visit while we are knitting. And having the big one is just the way we like it. It is big enough for our projects and there is a good light over the table so we can see to knit. And there is only one table that is large enough for all of us.

Speaking of knitting, I've finished the ribbon scarf and put some cool plastic beads on the ends and started on a scarf for my hubby. On our anniversary, while we were out, we had to make a little stop at Hobby Lobby to buy the beads for my scarf. I asked hubby to pick a yarn for the scarf I wanted to make him for our anniversary. He did and actually we had a 40% off coupon so it didn't cost that much. I'm making it in a basketweave stitch and I think it is the coolest pattern. I'll try to get some pictures.

Thank you for those of who left condolences in the comments. It has been a terrible couple of years for losing our friends, but I guess it is to be expected when we get a little older. I can't replace those who have died, but I guess making new friends is a good thing, too. I've found I don't have enough friends to lose any of them. No matter how many we have they are all precious.


  1. I'm waiting to hear what is wrong with me. Have had a sharp pain in my side for several days. It's either a hernia or an ovarian cyst. No one will do much until after the holidays, so I expect a little surgery then.

  2. Oh I have had that toe surgery! It hurt like that hot place when Doc gave me the deadening shots, and I babied my toe for a couple of days, but I was really surprised how quickly it healed. I hope you enjoy that same surprise!

  3. I have NOT had that surgery - but may have to one day have a toenail removed... that would be ucky too!

    You're right -- you can't replace friends... but you do need a steady supply! The more the merrier!

    Do hope your toe feels better soon! I got Dennis "Get Smart" for Christmas -- and I even PLAN to watch it with him! I bet we'll laugh our butts off too! I used to LOVE that show!

  4. Recuperate fast I hope!
    Saw Wall-E with my daughter and her teen friends. Amazingly, she invited me along when my husband was traveling. Very interesting.
    We saw Get Smart as a family rental over Thanksgiving week.
    Thinking of you