Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Wild Bunch

Happy New Year to all!!

I was just thinking of some of the New Year's Traditions we have here in The South...the southern part of the United States. Some are based on tradition and some are just the way we have always done it. My husband's family has a tradition of wearing new clothes on New Year's day. It is for good luck and somehow or other is supposed to keep the birds from crapping on ya. Don't ask is their tradition. On to more normal my family had when I was growing up.

Eating black eyed peas is a must. It helps keep us humble and is a reminder of the post Civil War days when there was nothing to eat. Dried peas were fed to cattle, but folks learned they could be made into a tasty dish for hungry people, too. I love them, but this year will need to only eat one spoonful. They are high in purines...remember the whole gout thing that is going on still.

Greens such as turnip greens and or cabbage are good for luring cash/wealth in your direction in the coming year. We are having both, because Lord knows I need some. My rental property has been vacant for nearly a year. Oy! Anyway, our local grocery store had cabbage for 4 pounds for $1 the other day and we bought some, but I just saw this morning that another store had it for 19 cents a pound! We may go get more. I love cabbage and I can eat all I want and that is good! I'll need to make some cornbread to go with all this. Also, our turnips are big enough to pull and cook along with the tops, known as turnip greens. The greens part is pretty small and the bugs have eaten their share...there are holes in the leaves, but we wash it good before cooking. Last summer we had tomatoes in that bed and now turnips. Yay..we are farmers. I love it. I've been perusing the Park seed website lately. Ya know we have the greenhouse and I can start plants out there. I planted four cherry pits last night in little pots...we will see what happens. A cherry tree would actually be pretty cool.

We will have the last of the Christmas ham to go with the meal. I guess it is pretty simple here at my house. I don't drink anymore and really can't even have a glass of champange...the gout thing again, so maybe I'll get some sparkling cider or something. I saw something about some kind of sparkling stuff that was all natural and sounded very tasty for kids on the Today show this morning. Right up my alley.

I'm thinking we will watch "Mama Mia" tonight. I got the dvd for Christmas and that will be a fun way to spend the evening. I don't feel like having friends in and they probably don't want to be around with me whining around about my shoulder or wrist or whatever is bothering shoulder has been so bad the past few days I've had to wear my hubby's shirt that buttons up the front so I don't have to try and raise my arm. I have to get into my doc's office next week to discuss the possibility of drug induced gout and/or the drugs to reduce the uric acid...blah blah blah.

I hope you all have a wonderful fun evening and if you go out and drink, call a cab to drive you home! That is something you do not want to have to live with....hurting someone else or yourself. I want you to be around so I can read your blogs and have fun with ya. I don't think they let you have a computer and the internet in prison and all. Take care, my dear friends better days are coming...I just know it. So get out the confetti and streamers and noise makers and have a blast...I'll probably be asleep before midnight...we are such a wild bunch around here.


  1. Happy New Year to you too! We're staying in tonight. Me, Hubby and the four dogs. I'm making a tomato aspic salad, london broil, baked potatoes and asparagus. Dessert will be a chilled pear, lime and maraschino cherry mold. And a wee bit of bubbly!
    I've been trying to think what my New Years resolution will be. Then it came to me! To finish my Harry Potter scarf! LOL!
    I'm glad I met you too!

  2. ACK!! I forgot to buy the cabbage!!
    Thanks for the reminder..:)

  3. ROFL! I was WONDERING when I saw that title! I thought WHAT has she gotten INTO now??? LOL! But I see y'all are gonna be about as wild as me! Turns out Luz's pink eye is not completely gone and everyone in Amanda's house has a cold -- so I'm stayin' home with Dennis! We're gonna put Mom to bed and rent a movie - something with Will Smith -- Hancock?

    Are we supposed to eat these good luck foods TONIGHT? Or tomorrow? We ordered PIZZA tonight! But I could do some black eyed peas and cabbage tomorrow! That sounds good! Cornbread too... uh huh...

  4. We are staying in and safe tonight. We will welcome the New Year safely, sanely -- and perhaps even while snoring.

  5. Now that it is evening here I have returned to wish you -- Happy New Year! I am also wishing for you and yours the very best 2009 has to offer!

  6. I have never heard the one about wearing the new clothes but have always made black-eyed peas and cabbage on New Years Day. I sure hope your gout gets better soon. It is no fun to feel bad. I finished my antibiotics today. They made me so sick to my stomach the whole time. I just hope the tooth does not flare up again. I hope you and your family have a great new year.