Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Livin' large

Today has been so much fun!

After the Thanksgiving bonaza this past week, and the knitting group meeting at Panaera's I was feeling pretty darn fat even though I'm thinking the cream at Panera's was not good that night. Yesterday was pretty darn rough and I'm pretty sure that was what it was it, unless I picked up a virus while Christmas shopping on Monday. However, this morning just a beautiful morning and I decided to go work out. I'd have to reinstate my membership at our rec center, but that is not a big deal. I looked on the web to find out their hours and which days are best. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday they are open all day and until late. I was halfway there when I realized it was Wednesday and I'd have to go home and wait for them to open at 1pm. By that time hubby was back home and decided to go with me. I paid his fee to reinstate him, too. I'm the big spender today.

We did cardio and didn't overdo....only 30 minutes. I'm sort of sore a little tonight from that, but will soldier on. After leaving the gym we went by the guy who sells produce on the corner to buy some turnips, but he was out of them, but we bought some lovely tomatoes that are gigantic. After a trip to Kroger to pick up a few things it was off to home.

While we were working out one of our fantastic Texas cold fronts came through and has dropped the temps about 40 degrees so far and is supposed to get to 32 tonight. We covered the last of the tomatoes, but if they don't freeze tonight they will tomorrow night. It is supposed to be much colder then. I'll bring them in tomorrow morning and make fried green tomatoes. Oh yes, the wind has been blowing like crazy all week and now it is blowing out of the north as hard as it blew out of the south.

For dinner we roasted some root vegetables and made some hamburger steaks. We had a couple of turnips and an acorn squash to put in the roasted veg. I'd never done that before, but it was really good. Acorn squashes are very hard to cut up. Aie aie aie

We rented Prince Caspian tonight and thought it pretty good. A little different, but still powerful. Tilda Swinson was wonderfully evil and the rest well, it was pretty darn good.

I'm off to sleep now. Tomorrow is the lunch with the girls day again. The knitting group party is the 15th. I need to get Jillian from The Biggest Loser to brow beat me into 8 hours of workout a day to get some lard off, but will probably just do what I can when I can.

That's how we live large around here...spas, gourmet dinners, new movies, prospect of a good sleep and warm covers. It is good.


  1. So, you want to trade lives? You'd get to live in Hawaii!

  2. You pooooor dear. I'm feeling for ya... it's sad when you can't get turnips.

  3. Relaxing life, Amber Star!
    Thx for movie review. I've been wondering about that one.
    I did cardio this a *far* different way than using my treadmill...suspense builds...