Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ruby Tuesday


Guess where I live in Texas and how high the pollen count is today. I live in the very RED area where the pollen is excruiciatinly high today and will be worse over the next few days. It is beautiful outside, but I have to stay in pretty much. You can check out Pollen.com to see what the pollen count is where you live.

Wish I could click my heels together and zap into one of the green areas.

Ruby Tuesday is hosted by Mary the Teach over at Work of the Poet. Stop by and sign up on Mr. Linky to play.


  1. I'm so used to living in the desert (NM) that living here now (MO) is killing me with the allergies.

  2. You can come HERE! I'm DARK green! (now. but our turn will come...) You CRACK ME UP using the pollen map for your Ruby Tuesday! LOL!

  3. Your post is hilarious!! I love it!

  4. I'm surprised that my area is only in the yellow. We've got blooming trees all over the place, in Chico, CA.

    Thanks for sharing the map.

  5. Fun post for Ruby Tuesday. Sorry that your pollen count is so high. That DOESN'T sound like any fun.

    Happy Ruby Tuesday.

  6. Hi Amber:
    Thanks for coming by and visiting both of my blogs. Check in any time. We love New Orleans (could you tell?) and have also been there during the summertime. You are MOST correct... not the greatest time of year to visit. October was PERFECT!
    Hope you stop by again. I will come back to visit you too!
    Cheers, Cindy

  7. It's so sad that the pollen allergics have their worst season when we other lucky ones have our best.
    How long will the allergy season last in Texas?
    Of course it depends on which pollen one's allergic.
    My husband start sneezing with the birch and isn't safe until September.
    It's just not fair.
    From Felisol

  8. Brandy Rose-Hope you feel better soon.
    Melli-Your pollen stuff might not bother me at all. I'm packing now.


    Askew to you-Glad you aren't having trouble now.

    Mulligan Family-You guys are a hoot!

    Felisol-Texas has an extra pollen season. Like everything in Texas it has to be more and bigger and all. Right now it is cedar, elm and juniper. I have year round allergies. Dust and cat in the house and lots of stuff outside. I feel sorry for your husband and his brich allergy....espcially when those ladies make the birch craft things for charity. Looked like you had a bunch of them.

    I do go outside when the pollen is this high, but then I pay for it later in the day.

  9. I feel guilty since we in Oregon are great now. Hope your get a lower pollen count soon. Have a great Ruby Tuesday.

  10. Hi!

    It's much the same here across the Red River from you. We are going to have a couple of days up into the high 70s so all the pollen bearers will be coming out of the winter sleep for sure.

    Best wishes and a hanky for the sniffles,


  11. One of my daughters is on antibiotics from a bad sinus infection right now. Kentucky is not a good place for allergies. I totally know what you are talking about. I suffered from hay fever for years but seems like it is better now that I am older.

  12. This is interesting. I didn't think they could count pollen this way.

  13. I am home! Yay! Had a great time, but now we wait to see if Anneliese is going to have puppies! I will know in a month!

  14. Amber Star, I'm real sorry about the pollen count. I used to have hay fever and I understand. Now about the bookmarks...?? e-mail me again, okay? :)

  15. Amber, I search all my e-mail but didn't find your e-mail. If you want the bookmarks I'll be glad to send you the set. But e-mail me... :)

  16. Amber, I search all my e-mail but didn't find your e-mail. If you want the bookmarks I'll be glad to send you the set. But e-mail me... :)