Sunday, July 5, 2009

Rock and Roll

I want all cars built like these and especially mine! Everybody lived after this spectactular wreck.


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  2. Sorry, I had a messy cut n' paste.SO HERE GOES AGAIN...

    Oh my! I can't bear to watch auto races even though fewer persons are injured, maimed or die than football games. I guess the collisions are more spectacular than the sweat and grunting of 300 lb bodies.

    By the way frequently when I click "comment" on your blog I get a popup with this address:

    I even have popup blocked but it comes through anyway. It is not nasty as far as I can tell. Maybe you subscribe to AdSense.

  3. This is why I quit going to the car races. I am forever tense and sick to my stomach wondering what's going to go wrong.

  4. NW-1, I don't subscribe to anything like that. I don't know why it is happening. It happens whne I go to other blogs a lot. But there is nothing on here of which I am aware but just plain html. I get a warning when I go to Melli's site, but she says she doesn't have anything on it, so I don't know....and give up.

    Q-I've been watching NASCAR for probably 15 years and have never seen anyone killed. I was not watching when Dale Earnhart died. The racers are skilled athletes. I just would like my car made out of whatever those are made of, and in this wreck nobody died. You don't have to watch. I just was showing a clip.

  5. This is another one of those sports that I just don't "get"... but you're right - ALL cars should be made like this! Wonder how much that would cost us....