Wednesday, August 19, 2009

As The World Churns

My kids are coming up this weekend to celebrate my birthday on Monday...YAY!! They are coming on the weekend because they have to work during the week. I'm glad just to be able to see them and have some fun. We are trying to decide where to go for dinner. Emails are being sent back and forth with options.

Also, it will be wonderful for them to be here while there isn't a hurricane coming their way. I hate it for anyone who might get hit up on the east coast, but dang, we have had our more than fair share. We may get some rain over the next two days, and we will all be very happy about that.

On the in law front, my daughter sent their doctor a fax outlining just how bad it has all gotten. He actually didn't know how bad it is, but that is another story. He couldn't talk to our daughter about her grandparents, because of the HIPPA laws, but he could talk with my husband.

We have meals on wheels bringing them hot food everyday and the home health nurses come to help my mil get a bath and dress. "Mom" is pretty far out of it and called all day yesterday looking for her cats. This is not the first time. She finally decided that when my husband was talking to a fellow about cutting the yard for them after the first bunch of mowers ran into the wrought iron railing and then denied they did it. The railing had green paint on it and that was the color of their mowers. One of their younger neighbors talked with my fil and got a friend, who is a welder, to fix it. Anyway, back to the cats, she decided that the guy who was talking to my husband about the yard was the one who took her cats. The last time she got sort of cuckoo at us, it was the same deal with the cats, but they returned in a day. The cats were in the house asleep somewhere. It probably will be that we will have to have them, my in laws, not the cats, declared incompetent and a guardian appointed...probably my husband. I wonder what duties that will entail.

On the upside Blue Bell has the best ice cream that is called Southern Hospitality, and unfortunately I LOVE IT. It ain't doing anything good for my waistline or much of anything else.

Life does go on...some days just better than others. She has only called once today, albeit she got the operator to call us. Lord knows how much that will cost. She usually can remember how to call us with no problem at all.

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After re-reading this post, I think I'm a little wack, too. *shaking head* It must be tv time for me. Time to veg. The maids are coming tomorrow and I think everything is clean enough for them. *L* The company manager called today to tell me we would be getting the Ft. Worth maids from now on. I thought they were home town girls...who knew. They mostly speak Spanish and mine is a little rusty, but hopefully will improve.


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  4. Sorry to hear about your in-laws. That is so sad. Hubby was reluctant to do anything about his own Dad when the time came, and we were lucky. It was before HIPPA and our doctor spoke to me before Hubby and he was able to make his see that his Dad needed to be in an assisted living. The happiest day in my life was when he went into that home. Up til then he'd been totally my responsibility because of the type of work Hubby did. He was never around.

  5. Maribeth,
    I'd be doing the happyhappyjoyjoydance if they would agree to just have someone come in to help them, but my mother in law totally refuses and is starting to get hostile about it. She has no idea how bad it has gotten. My fil has gone way downhill in the past 6 months.

    I cared for my dad for 13 years in a nursing home. He had a stroke and was paralyzed on his right side. My half sister helped so much when I had had enough and he was in danger of being killed and I would have had to go to prison....and I took over for her when she reached that point. I call her my half sister, but we are very close and as someone told me..."If someone can give you a kidney, then they are totally family." I agree.

    It is the way it is and there is nothing I can do. My husband is looking for an attorney to get the certified incompetent to care for themselves. It is sad but I hope someone will care for me when my time comes. Hopefully we won't be such pitas about it all.

  6. I bet we WILL be such pitas about it! WHO on earth wants to give up their independence??? It's just something that has to be done. It just HAS to. SOMEone has to be able to make decisions that are in their best interest. They obviously can't. I feel sO bad when Mom asks to "go home"... it is the saddest thing on the planet to tell her THIS is home Mom! THIS is where you live now. There is no other home to go home to....

    Anyway - on the funner note! Hope you guys have a GREAT birthday celebratory weekend! Have FUN and eat cake! (and some of that ice cream too!)

  7. Melli,
    I will tuck in to the cake and ice cream. We decided to celebrate TJ's (8/12), Mine (8/24), my mil's (8/28) and our son's (9/6). That is a heap of birthdays to celebrtate in a month.

    We are working steadily on getting something done with them. Actually, my dad wasn't a pita at all about it. He knew there was no other option. He gave me a hard time from time to time, but I always knew he loved me. With my husband's parents they would try to leave. She is on a walker and I guess we will have to take the car keys away from him. It is a very difficult and personal problem that I won't talk about any longer. We have been making decisions in their best interests for some time now.

  8. Oh how I feel for you and your husband. It is never pleasant to have to force your parents into something of which they see no benefit.

    I don't know the procedure in TX. In AR the person must appear in court, i.e. the parents and at least the caregiver.

    Imagine the stress that is on everyone. But the time comes it is becomes a one way door.

    Good luck and prayers.

  9. Melli,
    That was certainly an ungracious comment on my part to you! I must have lost what little mind I have left. *hugs* if you saw it, please forgive me...I know you are having problems with your mil, too, and you have her living with you. I still say you have more heart than anyone I know.

    NW1-It is one of the most difficult things ever. My poor husband is having some problems with the way it is going. He was just down and out about all of it this afternoon. My dear mil started calling again during dinner to tell him the cat...we aren't sure if it is the original two or if we are down to one, is gone. All new to her. I don't know about Texas law, either, but whichever way it goes her doctor will be consulted. I'm getting concerned that she may be having TIAs, but when for some reason he didn't call or go over for a few days this situation with the cats began. This is the second time. Thank you for the prayers. They are much needed for everyone's sanity right now. My poor fil must be nearly at his wits end...but he is in just as bad a shape. Like I said...anyone who wants to pray for them...please feel free they need help from above with this.

  10. Hope your birthday was great Amber. I know what you mean about the in-laws. Bob's daughter takes care of her grandmother. She has a cat. They get obsessed with the cats. Last time the daughter went to the apartment the cover was gone from her ceiling light. It was a big round glass cover. She has somehow got it down or it fell or something and she was using it for a water bowl for the
    We have something in common with the ice cream. I could live off ice cream!

  11. Yesterday was a really stressful day. Very early my mil called to say my fil was walking around in the house and there was something wrong with him. My husband called 911 and they were checking him out when he got over there. The EMTs suggested he go to the ER and my husband took him there. At the hospital they did CAT scans and checked him out and found nothing wrong.

    Just a sample of how our life is going these days.