Saturday, August 29, 2009

Soy Vay

I'm so easily amused it is pathetic. We went to Wal-Mart today to pick up some food. Hubby got sidetracked looking at something that was called "Fud". I told him that is what the LOL cats call food...and I didn't have a clue what it was, but not catfood. We giggled our way up and down the aisles. If you think that smiling at people makes them wonder what you are up to, you have no idea how people react when you are giggling as you go. It was probably because we have had so much happen this weekend.

When we got to the oriental food area I remembered I needed some low sodium soy sauce. While looking around I did a double take when I spotted a bottle of teriaki sauce called Soy Vay. It was in a blue and white label and the story goes that when an Asian girl and a Jewish boy met and fell in love they started Soy Vay Enterprises. That small little bottle with its blue and white label just made me feel good and happy to know they were able to blend their lives in such a good way. I didn't buy it, because it was a little more expensive...well, like a lot more expensive, but it was uplifting.

After all the walking and laughing and checking out weird things (can you tell we don't get out and about much?) we wound up with a frozen pizza for dinner. I promise to make a great salad of chopped celery, cucumbers, and fresh tomatoes with a light champagne dressing. Easily amused, I'm tellin' ya.


  1. I have seen pretty funny things in WalMart...would make good blog. In Ennis TX Husband and I were waiting for my bio brother and girl friend to complete their shopping.

    A biker-type with female companion in tow entered, both with head bandannas; he with a coon tail pinned in his hmmmm,,,,rear crevice (is that decent?). We both were still giggling when brother and girl friend stopped to pick us up.

    I thought all the hillbillies I live among were weird, but that Texan was too much.

    A blog is forthcoming when I have time about how giggles are no fun to myself and best friend because we get so tickled we can't stop and both end in asthma attacks. We carry inhalers when we go anywhere together-- real druggies.

  2. I love it! I just love it. My niece told me a story about standing in line at Walmart one day and she looked over at one of the "tattler" newspapers and it said in big, bold letters on the front: "Hilary Clinton Has Sex With An Alien!" She said the more she glanced at it, the funnier it got and by the time she got to checkout, she was hysterical just thinking about it and could not stop laughing. She was trying to explain to the clerk what was wrong with her and it got worse by the minute. I was crying just listening to her tell it because she was so funny and I could just imagine her doing this.
    So many funny things happen in Walmart! I love the one in the comment above, too. Have a good week.

  3. LOL! You two are like kids! And that's a GOOD thing! I often wonder what people think when my girls and I walk through Walmart ... or the mall... or anywhere! LOL! We giggle a lot! I like that Soy Vey though! I don't like soy sauce -- but I like the story! :)

  4. I'd so like to support them by buying some of the Soy Vay, but it was like $3 or $4 and the light soy was La Choy. My usual kind is Kikkoman, but after th whol Soy Vay thing...well I just thought I'd go wild and try something else. We like soy on our Chinese food, and with my b/p issues...I have to have the low sodium.

  5. NW-1,
    That is a great story about the raccoon tail!
    I probably would have just lost it when I saw him. :o)

  6. I liked your post and thank you for visiting my Pick a Peck of Pixels Blog.

  7. Abe,
    Thank you for stopping by. It is always a pleasure to have your compant and I'm very glad you liked my post. We have very sassy squirrels here in Texas. If I can find the one I used to have on my desktop, I'll send it to you.