Friday, August 21, 2009

Results of the Firefighter Strike

Falling back on my favorite cats for a few days. It is going to be a busy weekend and while looking at the LOL cats last night I thought these would be funny to you. I hope they are.

funny pictures of cats with captions
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  1. That is so funny. They look like they are roosting up there in that tree!

  2. Funny cats!

    The resort where we recently stayed had two rescue dogs and lots of feral cats, two of which were somewhat domesticated.

    Hope the weekend goes well.

  3. hasn't started out well. My mil called very early this morning saying my fil was wandering around and was having trouble breathing. My husband went over, got 911, had the ambulance take him to the hospital where they did CAT scan. Now they are saying there is nothing physically wrong with him, except dehydration. My husband is on the way back to the hospital to talk with the social worker. He has already been by the assisted living place. He is going to have a very hard time getting his mother out of their home, but they are just acting crazy. They had eaten a giant jar of grape jelly and my husband thought there was some in the cat's bowl. I'm afraid to ask more...right now. They must be in assisted living...and now is the best time to get them out of where they live.

  4. Cat Birds!

    Oh boy! Well, at least Hubby has resolved at this point to make the move. Maybe you could just take his Mom out for lunch or something when the move takes place... and then return her to the AL facility! Make it easy on yourselves... it's not going to be easy for HER no matter what. But if she gets there and sees HER STUFF... she might just be okay.