Thursday, October 1, 2009

Busy days and OMG the in-laws again

Today is going to be a busy day. As I've mentioned my husband's high school reunion is this weekend. I've an appointment to get my hair styled today and also it is the day of my friends' get together for lunch day.

The craziness continues with the in laws. My husband was checking their bank statements and found that someone had scammed them last July. There were 7 "checks" on one day for varying amounts. We called the bank and they said someone had gotten the account code, made checks and deposited them into an account, but the trail went cold at that point. If you are reading this, never ever give your bank account number to anyone. I don't understand how the scam works, but think they call and tell the elderly person they will do them the favor of handling all the work for them. The whole thing is just weird. Now my husband is going to have to close that account and talk to everyone who deposits into the account. I was ready to drop the in laws off at a fire station or hospital young women do if they find they cannot care for their child.

The upside to yesterday was our daughter called and she got the job!! She is a "big cheese" now.

Gotta jet...see ya later.


  1. Fabulous that your daughter got the job!
    Have fun at the reunion!

  2. Thank you, will be a lot of fun. We have been seeing a bunch of them for over a year now at the monthly get togethers. I've gotten over the "OMG these people are so old!" thing. That happened when we went to the 30th. It was dreadful...they were old and we weren't. Some did look a lot older than their age.

  3. Well, there are lots of advantages to Mom not knowing how to use the phone anymore. Soooo once he changes the account... are all their bills and finances coming to live at YOUR house now? I sure hope so!

    GREAT news about your daughter! She must be sO excited!

    Have a fabulous weekend AS! I hope the 'rents cooperate so you can!

  4. Oh Melli....she knows...he doesn't
    I'm really worried about him actually both of them so much. This is like Alice in Wonderland with a dark twist. I *think* the bills will come here. My husband came in today with his debit card, and credit cards. Bless my husband's heart....this has been so hard on him. Every day it gets more and more involved.

    I'm so proud of our daughter...all of our children have done well by themselves. She has worked so hard for so long for so little it makes my heart sing for her to get such a great deal. She plans to retire in 5 years *gasp* and at that time she plans to work part time, she will have insurance for the rest of her life with this company. That way she and her guy can do some things they want to go to Terilingua for chili cookoffs. The both are great cooks.

    I'm losing it...listening to Tejano music station tonight and can understand a little. Pedro came today and since I didn't tell him right when he came before I let the Mr. talk to him. Pedro told him I speak better Spanish than the Mr. does. I think I'm going to take the laptop out for anything very involved to get us over the hump and until I remember more.

    My wardrobe is sorted into outfits and my shoes came today. I think it will be a good time, esp. since we know a bunch of people. I'll not be doing any dancing (tendonitis) or drinking (the meds don't mix well) so I guess I'll be the designated driver.

    And for an added plus...our daughter is coming in this weekend to go to the TCU game with some friends. Her dad was supposed to go with them, but this reunion came on the same day. Girl...I have that empty nest syndrome again so bad. I know it will get better and she has been calling a little more often...even though she is meeting herself coming and going. She is working both jobs and driving back and forth..I guess.

    I think they will get the money back. Hubs was working on that today. If it is a check, I think you can recoup the $$, but if it is a stolen debit card you have no recourse. He has notified the Federal Trade Commision. I used to make presentations about Identity Theft when I was working. Some of the people he has been talking with on the phone change their tune when they hear me in the background talking about the FTC and other things. HA! Maybe it will all turn out ok.

  5. Goodness woman! That was a post in itself right there!

    I kinda meant I was fortunate that MY mil doesn't know how to use the phone! For you guys, you nEEd somebody to know how to use it to be able to contact YOU... or other help. But the phone can definitely cause TROUBLE too! And it's good your Hubby took the credit cards. He should take the driver's licenses and the social security cards while he's at it! (before something accidentally happens to them...)

    I think that empty nest stuff will probably hit you in waves for a little bit again... it's hard when they leave home... but then it's hard again if they move AWAY... each step is a bit of "mourning" of it's own. I was so fortunate that at the time that Amanda left home, she also went AWAY -- AND I had 3 small kids to keep me occupied - AND I still almost lost my mind with grief! It's a very hard process... I'll pray for you.

    You will have a BLAST at the reunion - and you'll probably be the best dressed there! :)

  6. Hi Amber,

    Every so often they report those kinds of scams happening to elderly people up here in Oklahoma too. It's a very bad situation when it happens. An awful mess to clean up afterwards.

    Congrats to your duaghter on her new job. Great news!

    Best wishes to all,


  7. So happy your daughter got the job! I am sorry to hear about the in-laws bank account too. I know it must drive you crazy at times.
    I am off to the farm for the weekend. You have a good weekend.

  8. that definitely is scary when things happen to our parents. I worry about the older crowd who are suseptible to this kind of scam because they are trusting. they didn't live in a world where you had to lock your doors. yay for your daughter. you must be so proud.

  9. Well you can probably write a afternoon soap about the OMG in-laws. Seriously that scam is as old as the hills and exists in several forms on INTERNET as SPAM.

    I used to do Bible Studies with African students. Invariably I got all sorts of offers for the Nigerian scheme which is about the same thing.

    Enjoy the reunion and congrats daughters job as big cheese.

  10. I didn't see a comment link above on your weekend post, but it sounds like you had a great time.
    We have't been to cow town in a very long time!
    Have a great week..;)

  11. Hi Amber, There is not a comment place on your last post. So, I am commenting again here. Your reunion sounds like a lot of fun and I bet your outfit was really pretty. I enjoyed the video and the music. They are good and some of the songs were funny! Hope you have a good week.