Monday, October 12, 2009

Causes, groups, Big Tex, and fried butter...we gots it all down here in Texas...and Oprah, too

I don't want to be mean or anything along those lines at all, but it is starting to get to me about the Susan G. Komen Foundation's fundraisers for breast cancer research. So much money is donated to that one cause. When I was working one of the women at work had breast cancer and has been in remission for a long time now. It is a worthwile cause for sure; however, the number one killer of women is heart disease. I wish more focus could or would be put on that. I made a trip to Catherine's clothing store the other day and they have taken the disease of diabetes as their cause. I was happy about that. So far as I can tell, the only attention Heart Disease gets is the Wear Red On Friday, and that would go with your jeans for casual Friday, which I hope is easier to figure out than Country Club casual.

Have a good one. Tonight is my knitting group and I'm still working on the same dishcloth I've been working on for a month at least. Just thought my tiny little soap box need dragging out again. *putting it away now*

Oh last thing...Oprah was in Dallas today for our the Texas State Fair. Yep, it is that time of year again....when they drag out Big Tex, who got new clothes last year. You can go here and there is a button to hear Big Tex Every year they fry something weird, but this year it is fried butter....can't you just hear Paula Dean starting her car and heading for Texas. :o)


  1. FRIED BUTTER??? Noooo way! UGH! Texas is just gonna BE heart disease when that fair is over! Gooooood grief!

  2. I wanna try that twisted yam on a stick - now THAT sounds like good eatin'!

    I am doin' thumbs down to fried butter...

  3. You are right about Heart Disease #1 killer in women. Is the Susan Komen center still open in Dallas? I seem to remember my half-sister saying it closed.. We have one in LR, the annual race for CURE, etc.

    Fairs surely have a interstate competition of what to fry and stuff the arteries next, but Texas leads the way. We had ice cream, twinkies, oreos, corn on the cob, etc,, etc., etc.

    I quit watching OPRAH when she got too political and have a bet written down for 50 years from now that she nominated the PREZ for Nobel prize. I think he may eventually deserve it, but a prize on expectations instead of performance is amazing. But again I seen worse awards too, so my congrats to the Prez. Hope he finds a way to fulfill the expectations. The greatest miracle would be win the war in Afganistan without a 10 year occupation.

  4. Still haven't tried any weird fried foods. My choice would be the twinkie however.

  5. They seem to LOVE that fried butter....they said yesterday it tastes like toast. The news showed a little boy who is about
    2ish eating a piece of one. He rubbed his tummy and started dancing his own little happy happy dance. Cracked me up totally. I wouldn't indulge in any of the fried stuff. I have enough problems as it is.

    NW-1 as far as I know the Susan G. Komen center is still open in Dallas. Here is a link from 6/3/09,21&itemid=252
    and they have the walk, the run, the sleep in, etc. for the cure. I don't intend to be cross about it, but think the other causes are important, too.

    My choice would be a corny dog. I miss them a lot.

  6. Hi! I'm stopping by after seeing your comment on Rocks in my Dryer.

    I was so pleased to read the way you worded... that your daughters would have been great mothers but the right men didn't come at the right time for that.

    As an almost 40 single woman with parents... that was the sweetest and most understanding phrasing I have ever read! Thank you for that!!!

    You are so dear.

  7. I never heard of fried butter but like you said I am sure Paula Deene has been making it for years. She must be the butter queen of the world! I have her book. It was a good read if you haven't read it. She tells it all.
    She drives me crazy licking spoons and her fingers on her show. Heart disease is a wonderful cause and I agree with you completely. It is raining cats and dogs here today and very dreary. I am not ready for winter!

  8. Hi Amber,

    Time for the Texas State Fair and our annual Red River rivalry. Here is Oklahoma the OU vs. Texas game is as big as it gets. Looks like our beloved Sooners are going to have a tough day getting past the Longhorns with a "W" this Saturday.

    Best wishes,