Sunday, October 25, 2009

Cloudy Days and Rainy nights...zzzz

Yesterday was a total waste of a gorgeous day. I slept nearly all day after sleeping a good 8 hours the night before. Everytime I woke it was right back to sleepy town withing 30 minutes. Today it is cloudy and it is supposed to rain between 1-3 inches later today. It is cloudy and cool this morning and while I was surfing around the sleepy feeling started again. I tried to get going, but I'm thinking it is not going to happen today either. I guess while I couldn't take the arthritis meds it sort of got a good hold again and I jsut feel so tired all the time now. I'm going to start back up taking again tomorrow. It has been nearly a week since I finished with the antibiotics. zzzzzzzz...see ya tomorrow.


  1. We had a couple of days like that too, but it is really pretty out today. Have a restful Sunday..:)

  2. There will be none of that for me until this brood of pups go to their new homes.

  3. I think the rain is headed our way again. Our trip for the week is Little Rock Mon afternoon through Wed. afternoon. Rain in forecast for MON TUES.

    I give up and so tired of riding in a car plus have a 3rd trip, also to LR next week--a round tripper in one day.

  4. Normally I would HOPE the rain was heading my way -- but we RARELY get YOUR rain anyway... Ours usually comes from Florida or Minnesota! I hope the arthritis meds kick in quickly - maybe since you haven't been off them tooooo long they will. It is a shame to waste a beautiful day.

  5. PJ, Oh no...I didn't stay home an rest or anything sensible. You know me better than that :) We went shopping and today I can barely walk.

    Maribeth, won't have any time off until they are with their forever family.

    NW-1, Hope you get some rest before long. have been running the roads for a good while lately for the doc appointments.

    Melli, I think you are going to be getting some of our rain today and we will be getting a fresh batch today...*sigh*

  6. Hi Amber,

    It's definitely tunred colder uphere. What a mess!!!

    Best wishes,