Friday, October 9, 2009

Weather days and language ways

Oh my gosh! Yesterday was so HOT we could barely stand it. Hot and Humid in October is pushing the limits of my patience a bit, but it rained and rained last night. There is significant flooding in some areas this morning, and today it is 50 degrees and falling. It has the old arthritis kicked into high gear today! Today may be that sofa and movies day after all. I never really got to that after the reunion.

What a surprise that President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. He was surprised, too. I think most everyone was surprised. Especially those who have been working their rears off to win it. However, on the up side he has tried to make some sort of understanding with the Muslim world. Didn't do much good since we had that guy was trying to blow up Dallas and all.

Pedro came yesterday to mow the grass and he told me, in Spanish, he would be back to trim the shrubs today. I told him it was going to storm and rain, but he didn't really believe me. Men! We will see if he shows up today. After his encounter with me and my very poor Spanish, then last week my husband talked with him. Pedro told my husband that I speak pretty good Spanish. I guess it is relative. He was most impressed with my daughter's Spanish, but she lives in Galveston and it is a hassle to get her to interpret. He did say something about pulling the "weeds" and I told him I didn't have weeds. My daughter told me to keep a sharp eye on him when he goes "weeding". Her yard guys pulled up a large thyme and her rosemary when they "weeded ". I don't have any rosemary.....remember...I can't grow it. Every schoolchild at the school behind my house can grow it just fine, and I am envious every time I go to vote.

Pedro and I will have a meeting of the minds and if necessary I'll get the computer and out to show him precisely what I'm talking about! I found a button on my toolbar that will translate words. I don't know how it knows I needed Spanish and not German or some other language. It seems to work very well when I mouse over a word on a web page.

I'm out now to enjoy this nice cloudy day and to tidy up around here some. Hope you have a great day.

Oh yes...Skeeter...we got over 2.5" of rain last night. We are up on the rain this year...thank goodness. I saw where you all were really getting hammered last night. Hope there were no tornadoes up in OK for ya'll to deal with.

I just had to put this on for you totally cracked me up. Buda is down by Austin where my youngest daughter is moving. They are somewhat different down in Central Texas. Must be the air or something.


  1. Hi Amber, Those weiner dog races are hilarious! We had bad storms here last night with warnings out and the hardest rain I ever saw. We've had so much rain this week that I had a small tree I wanted transplanted and after digging just a few minutes was able to pull it out of the ground. It is a soggy mess. Have a good weekend.

  2. I was very happy to see Obama get the Nobel... I think he deserves it as much as anyone!(heck - he deserves it if he can just KEEP peace in his own Congress!) *rolls eyes*

    Now I guess I'm gonna have to give a try to growing some herbs next year on my deck... not as much fun as peppers I bet - but they'll probably be used more! I sure hope Pedro doesn't pull anything he's not supposed to! That would definitely be FRUSTRATING!

    I think your rain from last night MIGHT be moving in here this evening... I'm hoping anyway!