Tuesday, October 20, 2009

One day we could have lived without our whole life long

Today has been an awful day. This afternoon my husband and I were working in the yard deadheading some plants and hoping maybe that will push them into blooming again. They have buds on them. Anyway, we finally reached a stopping point and came back in the house. It was hot as everything...really hot and humid. Hubby went somewhere and I walked to the front to see if something was on fire. We had heard a fire truck while we were outside, but didn't smell anything like smoke. I walked back into the house and was speechless when I saw what to my muddled mind appeared to be...fog. Anyway, it was smoke. My husband tried to drive around to the next street over from us, but was turned away by the fire department. We have friends who live over there so I looked up the address on Google maps...which is a whole other trip when you see your house in living color right there on the internet. Anyway, it was our friends' home that was on fire. The feed is not live so there was no fire or firemen on Googlemaps. Hubby walked around and could see the firemen and our friend talking, but he couldn't get onto
the street to talk to her. Later when he left to go to his parents house, I walked over and things had calmed down a lot. I was able to talk to her for a few minutes to let her know that we are here if they need helping hands or a place to stay....or whatever.

This is the couple who helped us negotiate with the other neighbors about the gigantic shed. I'd do just about anything for them. They are such a nice couple and they have two children. This tragedy brought the old neghborhood officers together again. I called them to let them know. We had gotten pretty close during that year of pure all out *HECK* negotiating with the oil companies to get the best price for letting them take natural gas from underneath our property. Back to the young couple whose home burned today, she didn't exactly know how much damage had occured, but from what I saw it is going to be bad. The enormity of it was just starting to hit her while we were talking. Thank goodness her mother came and was with her when the kids got out of school and came home to a nightmare. I think there were some paintings saved...there were some leaned against a tree. I doubt they got all the legal papers out....and pictures of the children when they were smaller. Oh..my heart goes out to them so much. They are such a nice family.

Maybe, she had everything backed up and saved somewhere safe. I have the pictures of my grandson on a thumb drive, but probably should put them at one of my kids' houses for safer keeping. We have a free safety deposit box with our bank and probably should use it for important papers that would be a hassle and a half to get a copy of.

The other down side to all this is...oh hell..it just keeps on going on as I remember. She works from home a lot so there might have been some of her client's papers around...hopefully not today. The winds were very high today and starting tomorrow evening we will be having very heavy rains again. They were going to get someone out to secure the house so hopefully it won't get any wetter. One of the other women from last year stopped by and she told me all the ceilings are gone from when the firemen poured water onto the house. I don't know where to start to help her...and oh yeah...when she walked in with the fireman she dropped her cell into the water and it is ruined. She uses her blackberry all the time keeping up with her kids and all the things she has going in her life. Maybe if she can get the phone apart and dried out it might work again, but I don't hold much hope for it.

This is one of those days when I REALLY want a cigarette again....even after all this time...and after a fire! I guess it is just so upsetting for bad things to happen to such a nice family. I'm sure their church will have rallied to their side by tomorrow and I don't think it could be any too soon.


  1. What a nightmare. They are in my thoughts

  2. How awful and I know you feel so bad for them, too, and want to help in some way. I often wonder why certain things happen in our lives. I still want a cigarette after being quit for years when I get stressed over something. I don't think it ever goes away! I certainly hope they can find friends and relatives to help them out. They are in my thoughts, too.

  3. Thanks...all of you. It didn't wait until today to start raining. It is and has been pouring rain all day. I'll check with some folks I know who might have a contact number or something.

  4. Ohhhh my... this is sO sad! I'm lifting them up in prayer. It's all I can do from here - but it's an important thing, to be sure! I hope they had GOOD insurance, and it will all be taken care of -- even the cell phone. And I hope she's able to get the old one to work well enough that they can retrieve all her numbers and data off of it.

  5. This is terrible for a young couple trying to make in a very hostile environment. I hope they did have insurance, and had good jobs.

    We are out of town and I worry about fire all time. I unplug what I call heat producing appliances like toasters, coffee pots but we do leave a TV running 24/7. We are having a lot of break-ins.

    but we are old and losing our stuff probably would not be such disaster as a young couple with children.

    We'll be home today (driving in rain all the way from Springfield MO to Mountain Home (pickup Luckie) to Bull Shoals. Wili we ever be tired.

  6. Oh Melli...it is so good to hear from you. You have had your little sweetheart to play with for a few days. Glad you got fun times with her :) It has been pouring rain here nearly ever since the fire happened. We drove by yesterday when we returned from an AARP meeting. I had to go, because of the VP position they were going to introduce me so they would know who to vote for when the time came. Anyway, the husband was standing on the front porch talking to someone who looked like an insurance guy. We didn't stop. I was having chills it was so wet and cold. I'll get over this weekend to see what we can do to help.

    NW-1, Do take care driving in all that rain. We went to Mountain Home. We've been there once and just loved it. Get rested up for sure and enjoy having your Luckie with you again.

    All of your prayers will be heard and hopefully the practical things maybe will get taken care of as well.