Friday, January 22, 2010

Getting Well

I finally went to the doctor's office yesterday to try to find out why I've had a cold for a month. He prescribed a Medrol dosepak, erythromicin, codeine cough syrup, otc mucinex and if I'm not a whole lot better, meaning well, in two weeks he is sending me to an ENT or allergist. I felt so much better today...the medrol will do that for you. My sinuses have been so stuffy and all, it has been a miserable January.

The cleaning ladies came today and I stayed upstairs away from the dust. There is only one bedroom and bath upstairs and it is rarely used. It was alreay clean so the cleaners didn't have to come up. I fell asleep and woke feeling much better. Last night I was restless and woke about every hour.

I'm reading a book called The Help a novel by Kathryn Stockett. So far, and I haven't gotten too far into it, the book is very good. It is set in 1960's Mississippi and is the story of three women who come together to make a statement. I'd heard about it last summer or sometime before Christmas and it had wonderful reviews. I'm ready for something a little deeper than some of the women detectives or lawyers. Those type of books are good for fun, but this book has a really good feel to it. It sounds so true to the way the characters talk and the way women were back then. I guess it would have been my mother's generation for the older women. I know I've seen some of her in the characters. It is supposed to rain tomorrow, so maybe I'll have a chance to read more of it. There is another book called Girl With The Dragon Tatoo by Steig Larrson. Oh joy it is on sale for $9.00. I've seen it at Costco so may pick it up there. Another book I can hardly wait to read is The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. My husband gave that book to me for Christmas this year.

I've gotten some good books from from Amazon. For Christmas I made a list of books and cds I'd like to have and put them on my wish list, kindly provided by Amazon. I told the kids about it and sent them a note saying it was there and was only a suggestion and not a list to be filled. It gave them ideas about what I was into now and made their life easier. Made mine great, too. We did the $20 per person this year for Christmas and it is here to stay. We can spend it all on one item or get 2o $1 items or, well, you get how it goes. If you are a good shopper you can get a lot of items for not much money. It made shopping for them fun and good, also, good that there was no weeping and wailing when the credit card bills came in. They are all doing well finacially, but it was a good thing to stay within a budget. It was different with our grandson. He got a lot of fun things he loved and there was no dollar limit on him.

The tv is on while I'm writing this and it is "How Things Are Done". They are making a tuba and I had NO idea they were so very complicated to make,and had so many parts. There is a lot I don't know.

Happy Weekend and prayers for the people living in Haiti. What a tragedy.


  1. I sure hope this medicine helps you. You deserve to feel better now! This has hung on too long. Your book sounds like a good one. Thanks for the kind words you left at my place. Have a good weekend.

  2. That last book sounds really good - I went and listened to the author speak about it at Amazon... I'll probably get that one in my next shipment!

    Dennis absolutely loves that show How Things Are Done! Occasionally he'll call me to come see how something or another is done... I think I watched one with him about how gold is melted down into the various grades... it was interesting. And another one about how some really GIGANTIC machinery is located onto building sites... again, very good! I would have liked to see how a tuba is made too! See? Not ALL tv is terrible! But someone has to lead me to it... I'm not leading myself! I also have to be in the right mood. He's invited me to come see some really interesting things - but I just had no desire to watch tv at that time... then it's no.

    I'm glad you saw the doctor and got medicated! What a novel concept! I know... when you think "it's just a cold"... who wants to go to the doc? But it had gone on for waaaaay too long! Hope you're all better soon!

  3. Me, too...glad I went to the doc. A month long cold was not good. My guess it is the methotrexate that makes me more vulnerable to most anything that comes down the pike. At least I'm not coughing and hacking for a change.

    Melli, I hope we like the Potatoe Pie book. :) Tubas have an amazing number of tubes and they use metal balls to make sure they are the right diameter and smooth before they are bent. They fill the tubes with something like tar before they bend them and then put them in an oven to get the tar out.
    If I'm not WELL in 2 weeks I'll have to go to a specialist.

    Judy, You are so right, kiddo!

    Maribeth, I'm on it. :) Rest, lots of fluids, and all that good stuff. At least I don't have to worry about giving it to anyone...I'm not going anywhere. :)

  4. I trust the drugs have started to relieve some symptoms. The bugs going around seem to harder to get rid of.

    I thought it was me and my COPD. My Best Friend who is 10 years younger, said her fellow workers were have 2, 3, & 4 week colds, bronchitis or whatever you wanted to label it. And the coughing was terrible.