Thursday, January 21, 2010

Happy Cat

I can't see the followers widget for those who so graciously added me to a blog they read. Can you all see it under the fish thingy? In the meantime here is an LOL cat that is happy.

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Life is beginning to get stable again. The in laws are doing pretty well for a change. I'm sure something horrendous will come up this weekend. We will see. I may be going to my doc for some Prozac before long if everything doesn't settle down.

Not really...just a passing thought.


  1. Your heading photo is gorgeous, an absolutely beautiful picture and one that is hard to capture. Love it.

    Hope there is at least an interlude of peace before the prozac moments, so you can catch your breath.

    Today was the Deep cleaning lady. I worked along with her and I am sore from head to big toe, and I mean that literally. Cannot figure how both my big toes are sore to touch. But I am exhausted, back killing me, etc etc.

    She is going to continue with me until some future opportunity she is expecting materialize.

    When she said deep clean she meant it but at least said my house was really not as bad as I portrayed to her. She was surprised the dust did not equate to the time lapse since I had general dusted. She said I must have good windows and doors.

    Further she thought I probably only needed a regular cleaning lady once a month.

    I had to have two Darvons and a chug of cough syr (stirring up dust stirred up my coughing to even relax this in the evening. THen I collapsed in my lift chair and turned on the vibrating system for two hours. Luckie hates that bcause she apparently can feel results of the vibratin system through the floor.

  2. I see your widget!

    I hope things stay semi-calm and that there are NO major catastrophes this weekend! Goodness, let's not beg for trouble! :)

    I need to get some prozac for MY cats!

  3. That cat looks so happy, I may need a little of whatever she is taking! Hope things continue to improve for you. Hugs, Judy

  4. Loved the picture, cats are lovely.
    I sincerely things get better for you.
    Take care.


  5. Judy,
    That cat got the Prozac...and that is why it is so very happy. *grin*

    Hope you are ok today. Let us know. The great toe is the first place for gout to show up.

    Thank you for seeing the widget. I was so freaked out about the durn thing. There are only 7, but they are good and true friends. By the way have you ever had the healing hands?

  6. Oh yes..NW-1, the header was on something that came in the mail. I hope if anyone who captured the picture doesn't mind my using it. Like you, I love the picture. I have one on one computer that is a squirrel laying on a branch in a pecan tree. I love using that one in the just cools me off looking at it.