Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Jack Frost Is On His Way

There is hope that I might live, but it could be all the excitement about the COLDEST WEATHER in 13 years. We have been binding stuff up with newspapers, pipe coverings, and mulch everywhere we had enough to put it on plants. I remember the year we lost everything but huge trees. We had to replace shrubs, grass, and stuff I would have never thought would die in a freeze. Anyway we are in for about 72 hours of below freezing weather along with most of the United States. I was just outside to take some pictures of the flower beds. We put Christmas lights under the sheets to try to get that extra degree of warmth and in so doing it is beautiful.

The round objects with light coming through are pots from when I bought plants this spring and summer. I think they look pretty darn cool.

This is a closer look at them.

I think this one below is three twin sheets and two full size sheets, but could be more. I just kept coming up with them today. The Carolina Jessamine didn't get anything but mulch. I hope it makes it. It is one of the first things to bloom in the spring.

It is a good thing I have nearly every sheet we have ever owned in the 45 years we have been married, so I can cover up my plants when it gets really cold. In the spring they go on the tomatoes when a late cold snap comes up. Some of them are still used on beds. There are some that were on my girls' twin beds when they were little. They fit the sofa just right for when I need a place to recover and watch tv that is close to the kitchen....well, you know. A comfort spot.

The temp is still warmish at 48F, but the Polar Express is just around the bend. It sort of looked foggy outside, too. We have a whole new look in the house, too. All the blinds are closed and the curtains and drapes drawn to keep out more of the cold wind. My breakfast room is sort of cozier right now.

My fil has an appointment with the doctor tomorrow. He has fallen twice this week and it is just Wednesday. He has gained 5 pounds this week, too and it has to be fluid. They will probably restart his Lasix. My husband got the transfer van from the assisted living place to take him and he will meet them at the office. If we do get freezing rain tonight they can get him there more safely. A bus must be safer than my car. I can't go up there at all because of my personal crummy cold. Hubby called his aunt in Maryland today so she could talk with her brother. I'm thinking that didn't go too well. My fil has trouble hearing and can't remember anything for two minutes. Some of their other long time friends are starting to call. I guess we will have to get her phone number book and let them know where and how they are doing. Probably going by the Christmas cards would be the best way to know who is interested.

Oh yes, while laying around watching tv or sleeping I've had time to think about the M&M issue. I've taken a couple of pictures to help ya'll in identifying red and green M&Ms.
RED and GREEN M&Ms above in cut glass container
This was the container that was sort of visible in the picture nobody could see it, though. Probably you were so dazzled by the green tomatoes turning red that it distracted you. For real that is the first time I've picked green tomatoes and they have ripened in the house at this time of the year. Something to put in that part of my brain that keeps track of weird things. It is almost full, but is ok.

I moved them to this one the other day. That container just makes me happy to look at it. His little arms wave when you open the top to get M&Ms.

Stay warm all of you who are in the path of this or other extremely cold weather. Bundle up when you go out, bring in pets and plants in pots, and drive carefully. Oh mercy..I sound like a mother. Oh yes...make sure you have milk, bread and TP. I'm sure all the shelves at the local Kroger have been swept clean by anxious Texans who are sure they will starve or freeze to death in this cold spell.

And thanks to all of you who have left well wishes in the comments of the previous post. My guess is I'll feel better in about another week...or so. I've had that H1N1 flu vaccine and the regular flu vaccine and I've not had any high fever. It is just a crummy cold and on top of that TCU lost the playoff game the other night. They just weren't playing well and the other team was. Oh well...there is always next year.

I heard this yesterday, but felt so bad I didn't have the energy to post it. There is data now that suggests people who quit smoking are 70% more likely to develop diabetes in the six years following quitting than non smokers. God really does have a sense of humor. BTW-I quit 2 years 9 months ago. Don't have diabetes yet, but have gained weight.

Here is the link:


  1. Hi there I really enjoyed my visit, Love your wee glass container with the arms ... so cute ! It's a great idea to put M & Mmms in something like that .

    You asked about the film, well I checked on the net and found a few clips from the film The Five Pennies - from what I can remember of the film I cried a bucket ... it was a really soppy film).

    Cheers, Kate xxx.

  2. When we built this house I didn't want to smoke in it, (Hubby doesn't smoke) so I would go outside. Well, it gets darn cold up here in New Hampshire, so I quit. That was 10 years ago. Not a smoke since. And I don't have diabetes, the opposite, low blood sugar!

  3. I save all my top sheets too! the fitted ones wear out, but I find uses for the top ones. Beach and picnic blankets mostly, but covering plants is always an option!

    Stay warm.

  4. I love the glass container, too. I quit smoking about nine years ago and my sugar is still good. I bet it is because once you quit smoking you crave sweets or at least I do. I could live on them and never liked sweets when I smoked. It is snowing here this morning. We are supposed to get 4 inches and we have been in the single digits for over a week and no relief in sight until Monday.
    I am sick to death of it already! Hope your plants survive the cold and you feel better soon.

  5. Kate,
    Thanks for the info about the movie. I remember that one, sort of. It has been a long time. I enjoyed the song by Danny Kaye. That really was a trip down memory lane.

    You win. It does get colder in New Hampshire than here. When I quit I had a very bad time when I would go out to the patio. That was where I smoked. My blood sugar has been sort of borderline a couple of times. You will be ok now that it has been 10 years.
    It is a good thing to know. This year I am going to give myself up to Weight Watchers.

    I keep some of the fitted ones, too. They fit the sofa cushions just right. But you are right they do wear more.

    Judy, Oh Lordy! We are getting very cold temps, 25F right now, and strong winds making the wind chill shocking. I'll bet you are tired of the cold weather and ready for spring.

  6. Well, lucky ME! I quit 17 years ago - and don't have diabetes yet!

    I can just see you and hubby out there stringin' lights and layin' sheets! Goodness ME! NOW I know why I can't keep anything alive! All MY excess sheets get used as drop clothes for paint... and eventually get thrown away!

    And ... I had NO idea we had an M&M issue! BUT... I am so glad you solved it for us! I will keep my eye out for those green & red buggers!

    I'm sorry your fil is having such troubles... He IS in my prayers... I'll tell ya... I hope Mom stays sure on her feet. She moves slow and takes her time -- Lord KNOWS there's no rushing her! But we've had no falls since the beach! Sand can do that to ANYbody!

    WE are currently at 33F and it is supposed to drop and even though we still have straggling bits of snow along the driveway and a few patches in the yard, we are supposed to get a few more inches tonight! Which reminds me... I need to go bring in firewood.

    Stay warm! I hope you feel MUCH better soon!

  7. We may be down in the 20's even on the coast. John wrapped pipes last night. BRRRRR

  8. Melli,
    My husband just called and I asked about why he is falling so much more and the doctor said he is just getting weaker. He had a very difficult time with the walker, so they got him a transfer chair. It is like a wheelchair w/o the leg part. The place uses them to get patients from their room to the dining room...or wherever they need to go if it is in a bit of a hurry. Hummm...this is what you, or at least I thought it was you, posted a few days ago, and you weren't the only one.

    " Melli said...
    LOL! You're a nut! I went back to look and still don't see the m&m's! It's 28 degrees and WINDY as anything out there today ... I can't believe you're talking about gardening! That's what I LOVE about Texas!!! Have a great day!"

    *hugs* Half the time I can't remember what I've posted where, so no worries. You don't have Alzheimer's or dementia. We are starting to become experts on those 2 awful diseases.

    Ewww....Oh man, my daughter will probably lose all of her plants. Her yard is so pretty....and tropical. Stay warm, my friend. We are at 23F right now on the weather.

  9. PJ,
    Also, hope your plants make it through this cold. It is a shock to Galveston to get really cold.

  10. It's cold here too, last night one place was nearly -18, just 2 temperatures higher than Moscow.
    Never mind Spring is one day nearer..........Bliss.


  11. So very hard to concentrate after you mentioned M&Ms...

  12. It is 5 deg at this writing and -11 deg wind chill plus we have frozen pipes. It is a long story--see blog.

    The short story is we simply forgot to crack the faucets which usually prevent inside pipes from freezing. I think we are getting too old to keep this house going.

  13. Now what were they saying about this global warming thing? One thing I can say about living in L.A. is the weather is usually pretty fine. Today should be sunny and in the 70s--again. Oh the monotony of it all.

    I quit smoking in 1997 and was diagnosed with diabetes in about 2003. I don't know what the connection would be, but the pills they have me take seem to keep my sugar in control pretty well. I don't really miss smoking very much and I save a ton of money by not buying cigarettes.