Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Head of Household

This just tickled me tonight.

funny pictures of cats with captions
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West Side Story was on the other night and I tivoed it. There really were a lot of good songs in that musical. There was some great dancing, too. I was sort of bummed that George Chakiris really didn't continue to star in films, and is now designing jewelry.

The Jets and the Sharks have rumbled and Maria and Tony have found each other and Bernardo is dead. Tony is about to go on the lam and it is just tragic. Rita Moreno was very young indeed in that movie.


  1. When you're a Jet
    You're a Jet all the way
    From your first cigarette
    To your last dying day...

    West Side Story has always been one of my ALL TIME FAVORITES!!! I LOVE it!

  2. Cats do rule don't they?
    So does West Side Story. It was the first mucical I ever saw and the best.

  3. West Side Story was in my collection of musicals, both Broadway and film.

    Rita Moreno was fabulous then and is so even today!

    Oh yeah, it is snowing here today again but Is not too alarming as temp is above 32 degrees.

  4. Wonderful film, my favourite song was "Somewhere"
    Thanks for the memory.


  5. Hi Amber,

    Love Westside Story. Am a huge Natalie Wood fan.

    Best wishes,


  6. That was one of the first musicals I ever saw, too. I loved it, but Melli...I would have been a Shark.
    Here we go again.

    I was broken hearted when Natalie Wood died. I thought she was so pretty.

    There will be more movies of classics w/o commercials. When I was in my teens I volunteered at one of the local live theaters as an "usherette". That was actually pretty fun. Some friends volunteer at some of the theaters so they can get in to see the production for free.