Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bossy Is Back!

Oh Yay! Bossy is home from the hospital and was able to post an almost coherent, yet slightly sleepy post. It is is the link She has actually come by this blog once or twice...I can find the posts if you don't believe. HA! For real...she is very clever and writes funny and intersting posts. I love the saving money part of her blog. I even shared a dinner item about greens and cornbread on there.

Again I have the tv on while I'm writing and Saturday Night Live is actually funny tonight. hmm...well...sort of. J Lo is good anyway.


  1. Pleased that Bossy is back, must get to read her blog someday.

    Take care.

  2. Well... I'm glad your friend is back! That's GREAT!

  3. I'm glad, too. She really isn't a real "friend" as in we get together for lunch or something, but I do like her blog.

  4. Happy for your friend. Blog friends are real, we just don't have to buy them presents.
    Don't usually catch SNL but heard JLo was really good.

  5. Hmmmm. I did not find link but glad she is back in the saddle again.

  6. Arkansas Patti,
    You got that right about blog friends. I rarely stay up long enough to see SNL, but did last night. It has become not what it used to be. It used to be really funny.

    The link to her blog is in the Blogs I Like to Read, too. Hope ya'll are doing ok now.

    I'm Olympiced out and think I just can't stay up to see them hand the torch over to Russia. They did get that other pole to come out of the ground and got it lit.