Tuesday, February 23, 2010

the underwhelming neighborhood association meeting

We have snow again this morning! This has been a very snowy year for us. I wonder what the spring will bring in the way of storms.

We attended our neighborhood association meeting last night. It wasn't too much fun at all. We were asked to pay dues once again and the leadership did nothing at all last year. This is the first meeting since this time last year. We had high hopes for this group, but somehow or other it has fallen by the wayside. Now and all of last year was the time to pay attention to what the gas well lessors are doing, aka the sharks. I got $1.00 the other day on a property I own in another area for them to keep the lease. I put it up until I can talk to them to find out what the heck they are doing.

My cousin and I went shopping for herbs and tomato plants on Sunday. They had some really nice tomato plants at that plant shop. This cold front came in while we were out. It had been 70ish and then dropped to the 50s and the wind was blowing like crazy. Plastic over one of the greenhouse was loose on one side was blowing and flapping like mad. We looked around, got what we needed and stopped for a Coke and some onion rings. We spent a good bit of time chatting away and catching up. It was a nice day, but no big giant insects for us. I saw in the paper the butterflies exhibit will be coming through soon. That is always a fun thing to do...if it isn't snowing and the heat is working. The lunch bunch went a couple of years ago, but it was snowing and then when we got to the building with the butterflies, the heat had gone out. The poor little butterflies were not doing much and it was cold in there. The staff was frantically trying to get it going again.

Today would be a good day to finish reading my book or to catch up on the Olympics we tivoed last night, or work on a scarf I started the other day. When I bought the yarn a couple of years ago I just thought it was pretty and different. When I started working it up I realized it is very soft. The yarn is a synthetic and I sure wish I'd bought a whole bunch of it!


  1. Yes this winter have played havoc with most of the world, albiet snow, floods and landslides it seems the world have gone topsy turvy. Hope the spring will be a wee bit warmer, it is lovely to see the crocuses out in full bloom, bet they don't like the cold.
    Enjoyed the read.


  2. UGH! THAT is the problem with waiting a few years to start a project! Had you started right away you could have gone back and gotten more! As a matter of fact... just take your needles with you and don't even purchase the yarn until after you've started the project! :)

    Do NOT... listen carefully here... DO NOT send your s**w our way!!! It rained all day yesterday here and STILL we only have a few patches of non-white area on our lawn! I kid you not. I don't want to see another flake this CENTURY!

    Glad you had a nice day with your cousin... onion rings sound gooood!

  3. We shared an order of onion rings. So calories not quite so dense.

    It is snowing like everything here, but it melting on the sidewalks and streets. Not even collecting on the grass. That is the good part about Texas...snow is brief and beloved because it is so rare.

    None of this response is directed at Melli...nope nope nope.

  4. My brother in Brownwood TX sent me pictures of snow there. UNBELIEVABLE. I never saw that much snow all the years I lived there, nor Denton, nor Dallas.

    I see it sent very south barely touching the AR southern border, many miles away from me. BUT IS COLD and Blustery.

    Lucky I like to stay inside--gimme controlled temperatures! We had more snow episodes here in AR than I can remember, but after last year's ice storm I'll be content with snow.

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  6. If you had been in Ft. Worth, you wouldn't have seen that much in your life, either. It was a record snowfall for us like a week or so ago. People are still getting limbs and brush hauled out to the curb to be picked up. I've never seen anything like it before. We did live in Denver for like 6 or 8 weeks once when I was 5. I did not like it much, because for one thing I had to attend kindergarden, and I didn't see any need in that, because I wasn't planning on staying for that long. Also, I hated the cold...and the snow everywhere all the time. Little Texas girls don't enjoy our frocks not being seen at anytime we might want to show them off. *angelic smile* At least then I didn't have altitude sickness. *L*

  7. Hi Amber, We have a winter advisary out again this morning and more snow. Whoever is praying for this snow, I wish they would stop it right now! Enough is enough! I can't get in the mood to buy plants when I have to wade through the white stuff to get to the store. Balisha's calendar on her blog says 23 more days till spring. I hope it doesn't snow the whole 23 days.