Friday, February 5, 2010

Snuggle Up This Weekend

You guys in Maryland and Pennsylvania and all points on the northeast coast take good care and stay warm! Hope you got to the grocery store before this monster snowstorm hit! I'd had it on the back of my mind today, but did my sofa thing early. It was nice lolling around watching the news and all. Melli, I can't wait to see your pictures and if anyone else has any....I'd like to see them, too. We have a tiny chance for some mixed precip on Monday.

But..The GOOD NEWS is I did go back to the doc in the box and he gave me some wretched stuff that made my throat quit hurting and some stuff to help with the pain in the throat. I was mistaken about the first doc not giving me something for the thrush. She did. I is difulcan and I take one tab a week for the next 4 weeks. The lidocaine viscous 2% oral sol stuff is the most bitter tasting stuff in the universe, but it made my throat quit hurting like magic. It is truly foul but worth it. The other stuff he prescribed was clotrimazole 10 mg. Doesn't taste bad and throat felt better. That will help everything get well. Hope is restored at my place and I really feel so much better...course I'm medicated like crazy, but thas ok for now. My throat is better, but I ain't pressing it. I thought a potato chip would be a nice snack, but it was not so.

I hope you get to feeling better pronto Yvonne. I think this crud is all over the world. NW-1, I'm not drinking pepper juice at all ever....*shudder* Again, Melli....stay warm and in the house. They were saying the roads are a mess already. Arkansas Patti, Things are looking up finally. I guess getting the right diagnosis and the right meds is sort of on the right side of good.

My youngest daughter called this evening to check on her grandparents and to let us know she is on her way to visit us this weekend and stay through Monday at least. She has a dentist appointment on Monday and she likes her dentist so well she comes up here to get her teeth cleaned. I like him, too. He has been the family dentist for many years.

My fil was invited by the director of the assisted living place to come to his home along with the other "single" men for dinner tonight. I think he is trying to get them involved with each other. I'm sure the nurse my husband was talking with the other night heard me complaining that the foolishness my mother in law indulged in when they first got there caused the other residents to shy away from him. Hopefully he was on good behavior and enjoyed himself. They were going to have steaks. If this doesn't work out, he will have to be moved to the memory care unit. He would be on the same side as my mil, but in another wing. When he went over to visit her it didn't go as well as we had hoped. She didn't recognize him at first and then thought he was someone else. She wasn't sure who, though.

Her newest plot to "escape" is that someone has stolen her purse and car keys. She got one of the aides to call to get my husband to bring them to her. She was telling them her car is tan and is in the parking lot. My guess is that she will make her move after she gets the purse and keys. We are going to take her one of her purses and some old keys. She hasn't driven in ages and she is on a locked ward.

Some Random Thoughts--What do you think about those religious people who were trying to take the children out of Haiti? I couldn't believe my ears when I heard that. Actually all the above and below is random tonight.

To finish up...for real, take care during this snowstorm. They said on tv that it will be the biggest snow storm in a really long time. If you like football...this is the weekend for that or snuggle up with a great book, or tv show, or a game and enjoy some family time, or blow someones mind and send a snail mail real life letter to someone!! If you are alone enjoy the quiet and play some solitaire, or read, or cook up some dinners so you only have to pop one in the microwave after you get home from work or visiting. I finished The Help the other night and it was a really good book. I'm trying to decide if I want to read some of the other new ones I got for Christmas...or tackle the Knitting for Dummies book to try to figure out what will be the next project....'Cuz I'm getting well this month!!


  1. Hi I am pleased you have something for your throat that has taken effect.I am feeling much better but I find it comes and goes, but at present all is well.
    I think we have finished with the snow.......for the time being, it is a lovely sunny day here and hopefully can go to the hairdressers this afternoon.
    You have a lovely week-end and take care of yourself.

  2. So glad you have finally found help for your throat and are getting relief.
    I have "The Help" sitting on my night stand and am saving it for a long power outage when my Kindle fails. Have only heard good things about it.
    Plan to enjoy the Super Bowl this week end.

  3. Love the photo -- it's serenity doesn't quite match all the activity in the post, but maybe you're on the path there ...

  4. I'm glad your physician, at least one, got it right and all the drugs you listed are right-on for your malady.

    You gotta remember I was raised on mustard plasters that blistered my chest, so a little hot pepper juice is like a mild tonic.

    I agree Lidocaine is yucko. I remember it had a nice deceitful odor. It probably is equal the codeine cough syr. my physician prescribes. I told her it made a very good emetic.

    Enjoy the weekend. I'm watching Super Bowl when game actually starts. The pre-Pre-PRE game shows bore me to no end. I can go the church & life group, come home about 2 pm and do a day's chores during the pre-game shows, which I maintain started immediately after the Pro Bowl.

  5. That must be some good medicine you're on -- you are just a chatterbox today! LOL! I'm glad you got something that makes your throat feel better though!

    Our storm is not as bad as they predicted it to be. It is getting VERY windy out now though... The birds are goin' nutso!

    It's sad that your MIL has already forgotten your FIL... that happened really quickly. They are both soooo old though... It would be kinder if God would just take them home. Just another one of those things I don't understand... but they still have a purpose! Their work is not done here yet!

  6. When the throat acts up, it can get stubborn. I had my share recently when travelling. Good to know it is behind you now.

  7. we got the 2nd worst storm in philadelphia history (the previous 2nd worst storm- which is now the 3rd worst- hit in december) the other day, and now they have us gearing up for another foot of snow tomorrow!

    this is crazy!

    I have plenty of eggs and beans and rice and spinach but not much else. good thing those things can get us through a few days.

    the nice thing here is that shopkeepers tend to live upstairs from their shops, and will stay open as long as they have something, anything to sell. So we should be okay!