Monday, February 1, 2010

Sunday Notes

Just a quick note to let you know what a good time we had with my cousin. She is so organized and well, I'm not. She had her seeds in a pretty box and had little glass packets so she could put the ones for me into them. I had a handful of sandwich bags with seeds for her that were in the greenhouse. When I went out yesterday to get them out for her they sort of got scattered from here to yon. It was cold out and I was probably multitasking, or trying to.

Anyway, she loaded me up with some fine seeds that I'll have to look up to see what they are. One had the label datura on it and that rings a bell somewhere in the dim recesses in my mind. Morning glories, I think that is what it is. We will see. Some of them I just had to tell her I couldn't plant them because I'd think they were weeds and would pull them up. I gave her equally vague instructions about how to grow the seeds. I just throw them out and they grow. No hassle, but maybe I should get more organized. We discussed Nandinas and I love them, because they will grow through anything probably including cement! I adore the nandina plants. They grow in sun, shade, are very tolerant of neglect, and they give such beautiful berries and colorful foliage. My cousin is not as enthusiastic about them as I. I offered to dig some of mine to share with her, but for some reason she declined. I couldn't have dug anything today. We got 3" of rain the other day and water is still standing in the yard. Pedro is going to get a lesson in pruning my nandinas, by golly. He didn't do it right this year...and had nearly beheaded all of them by the time I got out there. If you cut 1/3 of the tallest canes back to the ground then they fill out and don't get those knobby knees that so many people condemn them for. They should be adored and praised for their good qualities. They also are very fruitful and there is no need for tedious propagation. They are everywhere from the berries the birds eat in the winter. I'll get Pedro sorted out about my nandinas.

We went for dinner and guess what...I figured out why I've gotten so fat. I eat too much. What a surprise. After we got back home and got her on the road with some of the "naked ladies" bulbs NitWit1 sent I sat down in front of the tv and fell asleep. I missed Pink's performance on the award show tonight. My husband said it was really good. And I'm so happy for Taylor Swift for best album of the year. Beyonce is a wonderful singer and I love her music, but TS won. Also, Stevie Nicks sang with Taylor Swift. That was a surprise! Stevie Nicks is big doin's around here. She volunteers time, money and herself to helping returning soldiers as one of the things she is all about. She is a good woman with a big heart and gives of herself plus she is 61 and looks fabulous!


  1. Pleased you had a great time with your cousin, just think of all the pretty flowers that will eventually bloom from the seeds and cuttins.

    Regarding weight, whilst in Spain I went out for Sunday lunch, had a traditional Roast Beef and Yorkshire pudding with all the trimmings, that was lovely, for dessert I asked for a chocolate ice cream, well I know the chef there as I used to reside in Spain and he gave me double portion, not wanting to leave a morsal I ate it,
    Well for a couple of hours my poor tummy felt bloated more double portions for me. I am still fighting the flab but as the weather is not walking weather the weight is slow in coming off.

    Take care and have fun.

  2. Wonder if any of your scattered seeds will take.
    I love Nandinas also, they are so pretty in the snow.

  3. I didn't watch the Grammy's either. I used to when I was very young. But now, well, I don't even know half the singers!
    I've got to get myself back together on WW. I'm eating waaaay too much!

  4. Yvonne,
    An extra large dessert...yum. I love anything chocolate and even better if it has cinnamon in it. I can't get out to walk because I have rhuematoid arthritis, but I am going to hit the pool today for water aerobics. I doubt they will help me lose weight, but the sessions do make me feel really good.

    I hope they grow! Almost everything else does out there. There is a peony that has been out in the side flower bed that grows every year, but hasn't bloomed that I know of. There is an evergreen that grows over it and shades it too much. I mean to move it every year, but forget until spring. I'm glad to know another nandina lover. You are so right about the foliage looking pretty against the snow.

    I woke up and watched the last part and all the morning shows are talking about Pink's performance, but they only show a small portion of it. I'm going back to water aerobics this morning. I really like going, but haven't wanted to take the chance of xing out all the little old ladies in my class with the cold from heck I had the whole month of January.

  5. sounds like a nice weekend. I didn't watch the Grammys, the kind of music I like is not on there..:)

  6. I enjoyed the grammys last night. Taylor Swift is really winning everything these days. I love morning glories. They make me think of my childhood. My mother had them everywhere. I will have more sun this year so maybe I can get some to grow here. We have 4 inches of snow so I won't be planting anything for a while.

  7. I had the best time too,so glad we got together,and the food was great as usual,I love Rosas!
    We get you more seeds when you are ready,you are way ahead of me ,your greenhouse is up,and mine is still in the workshop in pieces,waiting to be built.LOL
    I missed most of the show too, caught the last few minutes,I don't watch them like I used to either,the new music is not my cup of tea,for themost part...
    *hugs* B.

  8. I had forgotten about roses and Brenham.

    Your cleaning sounds like you need my deep housecleaner who is now my housecleaner every other week.

    I am working hard to keep tidy what she completed, which is whole house except one room which used to be my computer room/office. It has no designated now that I use laptops. Nevertheless it needs a good elimination diet. I've hauled two huge bags of old papers out and only have just begun. I cannot spend more than an hour without asthma rearing its ugly head--too much dust.

  9. I do absolutely NOT get the big deal about Taylor Swift! Honestly. Every single song she sings sounds EXACTLY like every other song she sings! There is never ANY need to ask if that's her! I think Beyonce has got 100 times more talent.

    LOL! I eat too much too! But at least NOW I'm eating too much fruit and vegetables, and NOT too much rice and hamburger! It works for me.

    You can send ME some of your nandinas! I bet I can kill 'em... but maybe they'll give me a challenge!

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