Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hang on to your hats

There is a lot of change blowing in the wind. President Elect Obama will be bringing some sense back to our government, I hope. He speaks sensibly and his family is nice. I hope he will get to go to Hawaii to attend his grandmother's funeral and not have to just keep on going without that brief pause in his schedule. It feels fresh looking at his all the old stale regimes have been swept out.

On the local front, oh man...there are thunderstorms in the forecast ahead of a cool front. Hopefully the storms will not be bad....I'm thinking about the greenhouse and it will cool off a bit. I was telling hubby I may go buy some foam to throw over the top of the greenhouse. The wind is blowing like crazy, too, today. There are gusts up to 40mp, but it was pretty a while ago when I got really hot. I'm sewing today and get frustrated easily. I was sewing some bias tape on the bottom of a valance and it got off track. Ack!! To get some really good light I went outside and it was so pleasant out there. Didn't make the sewing much more fun, but it helped make it better.

Preparing to sew


Sewing more and am nearly at the end of my rope!

Taking a break between cutting and sewing...the orchid makes a good fabric holder

The finished curtains and valance

I'm finished with the valances for the curtains I was sewing today. It just seemed like there needed to be something else and the valances that went with these curtains...well, they didn't work out at all. I didn't like them one bit. I do like this and they are custom. The trim was on sale at Jo Ann's a couple of weeks ago and it worked so well with the colors I bought a lot of it. I still have enough fabric to make a pillow for the loveseat in the room.

This is shot without the flash so it would look all cool and stuff.

Tomorrow I'll post the slideshow from the trip to the Botanic Gardens. I'm going to lunch with the girls tomorrow. I haven't been able to meet up with them in a while and will be glad to see them again. See ya when I get back.


  1. The curtains look fantastic and how cool we got to "watch" them being made!

    I hope your grren house survives the storm!

  2. Oh I love the curtains!!! They look beautiful!