Monday, November 17, 2008

The knitters' group

I met a lot of the knitter's group tonight at Panera's for food, drink, knitting and chatting like mad. They accepted me right into the group and things went well from then on. It really was fun and after I had struggled with an insanely difficult double cable pattern all day and had fits and started over several times....well, my teacher told me that she had a MUCH easier one she would bring me. I nearly fell off my chair and thought of decking her right there and then, but figured the group wouldn't really want me back after a faux pas like that. Anyway, they invited me to their Christmas party, I think on the 15th. One meeting and I'm in for a gift. How does this happen?

Turns out some of us were at the same high school at the same time. How is it that High School can be so important in our lives. We keep running into each other. Oh well, there were our high school arch enemiew there, too. It truly is a small world.

I'm off to bed after the knitting hell evening, but I got that sucker figured out and I also figured out that some of the ladies in this group don't know how to use DPNs. There is a God.

Melli asked for pix of the greenhouse after we put stuff in it. Here is the far off shot.

Here is the interior shot

And here is the outside shot showing the little automatic window that opens when it gets too warm in there. How cool is this thing! I love it.


  1. Too cool. I could use automatic windows on my house! It rained sideways today, so while I was at work, I was worrying if my bed at home was being soaked. Thankfully, OC had closed the window this morning -- but I didn't know that.

  2. Oh that is awesome! It looks so cute with all the plants IN it! That window is such a great idea!

    I think it's just GREAT that you have joined the knitting group - AND that you're in for a gift already! That is being super readily accepted and that is what I LOVE about being over 50! It seems like all that juvenile cattiness just vanishes and women actually become NICE PEOPLE in the "upper years"! LOL! You enjoy that group and I know they will enjoy you!

  3. Love the greenhouse... ready to come help with mine? :)
    Haven't got it done yet,guess the plants will go in the storeroom this year....
    Beth wants to learn how to knit when she is here.Tag,you're it. LOL
    I can't eat with chopsticks by the way,much less make something pretty out of them....