Monday, November 24, 2008

These are the days of our lives

oh my gosh...these are not the serenity days. It is Monday night and I'm ready for the weekend and a nap. Yesterday we went to the party at the camp and it was a lot of fun and lots of cooking and eating, and tonight was knitting group night at Panera's...eating and knitting. Actually, my teacher can't not let me not know something related to knitting. I bring whatever little triffle I'm working on at the moment that is easy and relaxing to do and BAM! "Here you go," She says..."here is that 'easy' cable pattern I was telling you about last week when you were working on the that impossibly difficult one I gave you that last night of class. Come on can do it." So, I drop the dishcloth or scarf I'm working on and go full tilt into it. I have the worst headaches when I leave there, but I love the group. One lady was telling about something she had happen that required her doctor to prescribe some Vicodin for the pain she was in, but she is a teacher and was taking it while 2 hour intervals, because she didn't know how strong it is. She was a happy lass that by the afternoon that day. We were all nearly under the table from laughing so hard at her and her innocence about it all. We are the rowdy knitting table. There aren't any others, but it is only a matter of time. A lady stopped by our table tonight to talk to us for a bit. She hadn't knitted since she was a girl, but we invited her to bring her knitting needles and come back one night. We didn't tell her when we meet, but invited her anyway.

My in laws have backed out of going to Houston for Thanksgiving with the rest of the family. So, after a brief thought of being a martyr and staying home and cooking for them, I decided to make the complete turkey dinner and take it over to them tomorrow. They can heat it up and have tons of leftovers and we can leave early Wednesday morning. My youngest daughter got all indignant with me about the whole thing, but it wasn't me who decided to they should stay home. They did. I'm pretty sure nobody would run a sandwich over to me if I got sick and couldn't go. I was so mad at her last night I couldn't sleep so I spent the time knitting a dishcloth for her. Ha!

And on top of everything else how did Hugh Jackman get to be The Sexiest Man Alive? Who knew. He played in like that movie about radiated superheroes and he had a lot of sideburns and wolflike tendencies, but not Jack Nicholson kind of Wolf. How did this happen?


  1. It happened because Hugh Jackman has a cute butt and a great walk! Oh, and sexy eyes. And a rumbly voice. Need I gush on?

  2. Who's Hugh Jackman? *sigh*

    You know... the fact that you knitted your daughter that dish rag tells me there is a modicum of forgiveness going on there! This is good! Maybe next you will knit her a shawl - and all will be RIGHT with the world! :)

    If the lady is smart she will remember that she saw you there on Monday night - and she'll come BACK on a Monday night! And I'm going to stay away from your Paneras on Monday nights - because a bunch of crazy women with knitting needles MAY NOT be a good thing!!! LOL! (but I'm sure they are...)

  3. Its the accent. Does it for me anyway.