Saturday, November 22, 2008

The hat and pre-Thanksgiving ramblings

The yarn that wanted to be a hat has become a reality and there was yarn left over. I'm not a pretty model but here are some pictures of the hat that became all it could be.

The ball of yarn next to the hat is all that was left, so it was a good thing this pattern was for a small hat, but big enough for me.

Oh Lord, I look about goofy and with a goofy grin over this whole hat thing. Actually I really like the hat and loved working with this yarn.

Also, I'd been making sausage balls all day and getting my dressing ingredients started today for a pre-Thanksgiving get together tomorrow out at Camp Carter...the YMCA camp. My cornbread is made and the onions and celery are chopped and in bags in the fridge. I'll make and bake it tomorrow right before we go out there.

My friend has been having the pre-Thanksgiving parties out there for about 20 years now. I bring cornbread dressing, because it is really good and everyone likes it. My mil taught me her way of making it. and YUM is all I can say about that. I probably won't need my hat tomorrow, because I don't think it is going to be as cold tomorrow as today. May have some rain, though. Oops...just saw the weather forecast and it might be a good idea to take the hat with me. Fog, rain, and a high of 63 degrees will make it sort of not like it usually is...HOT. Maybe we can have a fire in the fireplace. There is a central a/c system and the lodge is totally cozy, so that won't be a problem, but any walking around out there will require some warm togs.

If this wasn't such a cool picture of the hat, this goofy grin picture would be gone. This pattern is such a nice one. The front edge rolls just the right amount and I made this hat back when I first started knitting again and it was just as much fun. Below is a back view of my new little hat.

I love the colors in it, but the flash sort of washes out the reds and golds. So, now you have seen a ball of yarn come to its full potential in my hands. It might have been something totally different in someone else's. I'm very happy with it, and may buy some red yarn to make the mittens that are on the same pattern. The pattern is no longer on the website where I got it so I'd better scan it to my computer. It was free and I do not want to lose it.

Oh yes...YAY for T.C.U. They won 44 to 10 over Air Force. Go Frogs. Tonight Texas Tech, my mil is an alum from there plays Oklahoma for a spot in one of the major bowls. If Tech loses UT will have an opportunity to go, but if Tech wins they will be Number 1 in their conference. There you have the sum total of my football knowledge. I'll stick to my knitting.

PS-I made some beautiful vegetable stock with the onion skins, celery tops, and some carrots. It is a lovely dark brown from the yellow onion skins and carrots. It will make a great start for some soup one day soon. Also, we are going to Houston for the holiday and taking my in laws. Hopefully that will go well. I'm going to take some knitting for myself. And the laptop and a ton of pictures to try to keep her occupied while we are driving....or for when we are down there.


  1. Great hat! And the grin is alright, too!

  2. I love the hat and it looks cute on you! The sausage balls and cornbread dressing sound Yummy! I am ready for some holiday food, too.

  3. Very Cute hat!!!
    Have a great Sunday..:)

  4. I LOOOOOOOVE that hat! And I love that grin too! You are cute! I have to make 3 soups this month for our Advent soup suppers at church! What kind are you making?