Sunday, December 28, 2008


It has been a few lazy days of resting from the madness and rushing to get ready for Christmas. It has been so nice to rest and not worry about anything. Quilly has introduced me to Iz and I swear I'm going to be back to the islands soon what with the surf documentarys and Iz singing, my heart is longing for them.

What a beautiful and happy soft voice.


  1. I learned about Israel Kamakawiwo’ole, or Brudda Iz, before I moved to Hawaii, but I did not learn of his death until (just before I moved here) much after the fact. Even so, I still grieve for him as do most of the islanders. When Iz died the world lost a beautiful, peaceful soul.

    And hey, we had a bit of lightening last night that managed to topple a couple of electrical pylons and turn off the entire island!

  2. Amberstar, you sound more relaxed. Hope your pain is abating, too. Quilly also introduced me to his music when she put it on her blog. Hope you make it to the islands soon!
    I dream of "someday."

  3. Yep! Quilly's introduced us all to Brudda Iz! He does have a sweet gentle voice.... so funny coming from such a big BIG man! Totally not expected!