Saturday, January 3, 2009

Clearing up after the holidays...

Oh man..I've lost it. I had come in from taking down Christmas decorations from outside. We are doing it today because it is BEAUTIFUL outside. It is 82 degrees this afternoon and GORGEOUS...that is because it is going to have a norther from the north pole, Russia, and outer space come in tonight and freeze us again. The barometer thing is so low the liquid is coming out the top and running over....that is really low. It must be a biggo storm coming. Anyway, while taking a break from gathering Christmas decorations and storing them for next year I sat down inside to rest for a minute and the Sham wow guy, Vince Offer, was on tv hawking his new product the SlapChop and the Graty. For some reason this guy almost makes me want to buy the products. Not so much the SlapChop or Graty, but that ShamWow thing has nearly gotten to me a couple of times. There are a number of You Tubes on this whole ShamWow subject...some just the commercial and some not so much. There was one where Bill O'Reilly just lost his cool and said some very bad words that I won't repeat. Anyway, this Vince Offer is a phenomenon....and do you think his real name is Vince Offer?? Wow!


  1. *shakes head* No comprende'... I missed out on this entire soliloquy! WHAT are you talkin' about! ROFL! I guess I gotta go do some googlin'...

    MY stuff came down today too! I'm THRILLED!

  2. Oh yeah, that guy gets me every time. So far I haven't ordered, but I sure have thought about it.
    We went to the museum today and then shopping. I got a ton of Christmas stuff (paper, decorations, etc.) dirt cheap at Wal-Mart. Man, do I love a good deal.

  3. My girls are always wanting to order that stuff. It never gets to me but they are totally "hoodwinked" by these guys on t.v. and believe everything they say. lol.

  4. I don't do infomercials so I had no clue what you were talking about. After reading your post I clicked your links and wandered off into Google land and completely forgot to come back and comment! You see what happens when you direct people away from your page? They forget to com back!