Saturday, April 4, 2009

And the beat goes on

Sorry I haven't been around much lately. Recovering from a sinus infection, yuck. My doc told me to take the Z pack he prescribed and to not eat dairy for 10 days so that it would heal. I couldn't believe that was possible, but darned if it isn't true. Some of the sources I checked out on the net look pretty shaky, but right now I'll believe anything.

Pretty much I slept most of the day after trying to work outside for a while today. Not the best choice of how to spend my time...inside was much better.

E.R. is over and gone after 15 years. Some of the actors on the show said they grew up watching it and couldn't believe they got to work as part of the cast. We watched the final 2 hour show the other night. I'll miss it even though we didn't watch every was there. It will probably be "there forever in reruns and syndication...sort of like Star Trek. Which by the way will be coming out with the prequel movie on May 8th. Syler, from Heroes, will play Spock and looks eerily like Leonard Nimoy. Possibly his love child or something...who knows. I'm off to search for the vaproizer and the vicks to try to open up my head. I have NO idea where the thing is. Haven't used it in ages.

Hope you all have a happy Sunday.


  1. Oh! I hate sinus infections. I am glad you are on the mend!

    And I quit watching ER when it was still a baby! The first major cast shake up shook me -- was that the end of season 3?

  2. I'm glad your starting to feel better.

    ER was the last regular television show that I still watched. It was during the time that (boy now I'm shakey on names) was it Dr. Mark that had brain cancer? It was during that brain cancer thing that I quit watching TV altogether. I don't know how many years that was into it...

  3. Yeah...Dr. Mark Greene, Anthony Edwardsm and the brain tumor. That was long ago and far away, but he made several guest appearances during the last days of the show. His daughter, Rachel, came back as an intern on the last show.

    I'll miss the show, but it had run its course and was time to retire.