Saturday, April 18, 2009

Something Purple

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pansies and dianthus

Violas, pansies, pale pink geraniums, and dianthus

pansies and ornamental cabbage

Purple ornamental cabbage


Purple pansies, purple violas and Dusty Miller



  1. I just planted some of the silver, Dusty Miller with dark red geraniums on our front porch. I love violas....
    My purple is here.

  2. I love pansies and violets, and not just for all the purple.

  3. Oh they are gorgeous! I have up pansies this year in favor of primrose.... which I gave up years ago in favor of pansies! LOL! Pansies do NOT bloom here all winter. They bloom briefly in spring, and then briefly in fall. NOTHING blooms up here all year. You are very fortunate!

  4. Ahem! That should read GAVE up... not HAVE up... no no no... I don't have pansies up this year! I HAVE primrose up this year! (and they behave JUST LIKE pansies - spring and fall!)

  5. Love the purple flowers. I am a former resident of North Central Texas (Brownwood) and transplanted to Arkansas Ozarks (29.5 years)
    Visit my blog at

  6. These are some of my favorite flowers. I love the purple flowers the best. There is a huge lilac bush in bloom across the street from me and I can't quit looking at it!

  7. I might have picked the pansies out of a crowd, but the rest I'd just smile and nod. And perhaps snap a photo or two.