Tuesday, April 14, 2009

How Time Flies...

Oh my...I was just watching The Bonny Hunt Show and she had Dennis DeYoung of Styx as a guest star. That was one of the groups my kids liked and I couldn't bear, at the time. He is still going strong, but his hair is as white as can be. I was stunned and can't wait to show my daughter. I did like the song "Mr. Roboto" and I think everyone has heard that one. If not here is your chance to come to know the song...

Here is a link to his webpage in case you want to catch one of his gigs


  1. I must say -- I am a bit worried about me. I grabbed my earbuds and fastened them in to listen to the video, I clicked for the video to play, then I clicked on the comment link -- which closed the page I was listening to! Duh!

    I haven't heard this in ages. I do kind of like it. It was one of the few bits of 80's music that appealed to me.

  2. I had to listen to remind myself ... but nah... I can do without it. There is so verrrrrrrrry little that came out of the 80's that I liked.

    Have you seen the clip Nessa (Quilly's friend) is highlighting today? She actually links to another page it's on -- but it's AMAZING!!! Here:


    Right now it's the top post, but if you don't get there until later, it's the one called A Dream That Should Not Die. You gotta watch!

  3. Melli,
    I saw that lady singing the other day. She has a wonderful voice. I was thinking of featuring her on my blog, but it has already been done on your friend's and many others now. Thanks for the heads up.