Thursday, April 2, 2009

Windy Days

Today is lunch day with the girls, so I'll be out and about today. It is supposed to be windy as all get out, so I'll probably wish I'd stayed home in my nice quiet house. Winds up to about 45 mph are predicted by noon and that can really play havoc with hair.....and allergies.

Hubby has been working on staining the new fence this week. I need to help him out with that task, but it will probably be this weekend before that happens. He has to go with his father to the doc today. Life continues on the weird track with his parents. The lock on their front door broke the other day. My husband called a locksmith, but he couldn't get out until last Monday evening. Hubby got the door where it could be opened and there is another door that locks, so they were safe. When we got home from the neighborhood association meeting Monday night I asked hubs to check with them to make sure the lock got fixed. They had sent the locksmith on his way because, "There is nothing wrong with that door!". Melli, I do feel your pain! His parents called again last night to see if we could get the locksmith out again. They had discovered the lock didn't work. What a surprise! I hope my kids will be patient with us when we get like this.

This is NASCAR race weekend for Texas Motor Speedway, so I'll make sure to stay out of their way. It gets really crowded around that part of town during this time of the year and again in the fall when they come back for the second date.

So, pretty much as you can see...I got nothin' to talk about, so I'm shutting up and going to get a second cup of coffee. Hope you have a wonderful day.


  1. Mom blows her nose on a napkin, then puts the napkin in her pocket. Next thing I know she's wiping my kitchen counters with her napkin! GROOOOSSSSS! At times like that I am... ummm... less patient! Of course, when I tell her WHY I'm so upset, I must be out of my mind because of course she would NEVER DO THAT!!! Of course she wouldn't. No one in their right mind would. I keep a bottle of antibacterial cleaner on the counter and DO NOT prepare food until I have scrubbed it down!

    Have a GREAT lunch with the girls! I'm meeting with MY girls tomorrow! (Amanda & Luz) I assume you mean your FRIENDS! I actually DO have lunch scheduled with a friend - oh - Judi Coyle! On the 16th. She's bringing her dementia mother along too! Whooo hoo!

  2. Oh Melli...I love you understand.

  3. Hi Amber, I hope I keep my wits about me but I guess we just never know. I hope you enjoy your lunch out and congratulations on two years without smoking. It has been about six for me. I wish I had never had a cigarette in my life.

  4. It sounds to me like you have plenty to talk about and are quite busy! Have fun with your friends.