Thursday, April 9, 2009

And then the land turned to fire

Today we were wondering if we were having a dust storm and discovered that North Central Texas was on fire. There were wildfires everywhere. A few structures were burned totally, but the fires got very, very close to people's homes.

We had very high winds and it has been very dry in our area for a while. They said on the news that the fires were sparked by electric lines colliding together.

The pictures people sent in to the local news were very intense. We could smell wood burning where we live. While reading the news websites I found that some apartments not more than 2 miles from where we live burned.

Here is the link to our NBC affiliate, and more from the ABC affiliate. Here is video

The fires are all the way from south of where I live in Ft. Worth way up into Oklahoma. My prayers go out to those who have lost homes, cars, and other material things and pray for the two lives lost today that no more are lost. My prayers go out to the firefighters who have spent the day and night trying to get control of these fires. Bless you and bless the volunteer firefighters in the rural areas.


  1. Fires this early in the year don't bode well for autumn! It's already too dry and summer has not yet arrived!

  2. We don't usually have fires like this. California has fires like this..not us. It has been very dry with very high winds.

  3. Oh this is sad... yea, it's waaaaay too early in the year for this! Sending prayers for all...