Monday, March 1, 2010

A busy time

The next few weeks are going to be pretty busy. MWF-workout, Tuesday-meeting at which I have to preside...the president broke his hip..and the VP has to fill in, I'm the idiot VP. Then I have to keep up with all the visitors and people who join our group.

Later in the month we are going with the high school group, you remember them right? The high school group who have stayed together for 50 years and meet once a month to have a good time. Anyway we are going to the Food Bank to help them do something. I hope they know we are all pretty dang old, even if I am much younger than they are. They just love that when I say it. HA!

My daughter called this evening and one of our friends is on life support and they will take him off tomorrow. So, a funeral toward the end of the week or sooner. His brothers are here and have made arrangements, I guess. We all loved him in our own way. He was a wonderful man who had the misfortune to have colon cancer, another hateful disease that takes our loved ones too soon.

The Olympics are finally over...I think...the closing ceremonies are still going and it is 12:30pm here...and on it goes. It may be 4 years before the Canadians get done and the Russians start. Oh my....they just said on tv that Vladamir Putin is unhappy about the medal count Russia garnered, and feels there will be changes. I figured as much after wassisname didn't win the gold.

Canadians at least honor their indigenous people. They call them So and So of the First Tribe. We rarely recognize our native Indians at all in the States...even when they had a code that helped save our rears during WWII. The Navajo Code Talkers is a whole other story. Not mine, but a good one. When the Olympics were in Norway they honored their native people, too. I don't remember anything about the Native Americans from when the Olympics was in Georgia, USA.


  1. As you say a busy time, I am sincerely sorry about your friend.
    Time and life passes by so quickly.

    Take care.

  2. Hi Amber, So sorry to hear about your friend. My niece that died had colon cancer, too. You surely do have a busy time ahead. I hope you get everything done. Have a good week and don't overdo!

  3. I thought the Russians were terrible poor sports this year! Oh they love to talk about the superiority of the Russian training system, but when they all mess up, then they're being discriminated against!

  4. I am so sorry about your friend. It is always hard to lose a friend, but "too soon" is even harder.
    Agree about the Native Americans. If we have a national shame, it is how our WASPS have treated every one who isn't.
    I was born a WASP and feel as we continue to slip into minority, we will eventually get our comeuppance.

  5. I agree; I don't remember any mention of our indigenous people, and I have distant memory of the Salt Lake City Olympics, but my memory reserves the right to be wrong!

    I was following Michelle Kwan at the time.

    I found bossy and will visit her blog.

  6. Yea... the Russians are LOVELY as long as they're winning! Really that's not even true. They are quite arrogant when they are winners too.

    I'm sorry about your friend...

    Have fun with the reunion folks though!